Benefits of Plantation Shutters and Types of Plantation Shutters

Benefits of Plantation Shutters and Types of Plantation Shutters

The 3 Main Benefits of Using Plantation Shutters

The word plantation shutter may have you thinking about traditional colonial style homes in the South made with white siding and green window shutters on the outside. However, there are more to plantation shutters than just ruminating over 19th century design. Here is a look at the 3 main benefits of using plantation shutters with your home.

1. Increased Curb Appeal

Plantation shutters have a way of offering a clean, uniform look to passersby. These shutters also increase your homes curb appeal with a more sophisticated and timeless choice of window coverings. As a result, the resale value of your home can increase when sold with the home itself.

2. Improved Comfort and Control

Shutters can offer a wide variety of improved comfort and control benefits. Here is a look at four primary advantages of plantation shutters.

• Light – adjustable louvers let you control the light with a 98% overall blackout rate.

• Temperature – Open in winter for added warmth and close in the summer to keep cool.

• Insulation – Shutters provide an added barrier against the outdoors and minimize draft when used with single pane windows.

• Privacy – Open during day to enjoy the view, close at night to increase privacy, and select half or full shutter options for individual rooms.

3. Quality Materials

A listing of three quality material options to choose from with plantation shutters.

• Polywood – This material will not crack, chip, or warp and is moisture resistant making it a good choice for bathrooms. It is 70% more efficient than standard shutters and 1,600% more efficient than aluminum mini blinds.

• Ovation – The world’s only 5 star shutter and is handmade from basswood, a furniture grade hardwood. It comes in 39 different color options and can be customized by painting or staining to match your décor.

• Monte Bello – A more budget friendly option and long lasting, made from recyclable wood substitute. This material is impervious to moisture, fire, and termites. It is also easy to maintain making your cleaning job easier.
Posted on Jul 10, 2013


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