Best Free Sites to List Rental Property

If you've got a property to rent, then it can sometimes cost a lot of money to develop prospects and turn them into a tenant. Not every property owner has a ton of cash just sitting around to advertise a rental listing, so what can be done? With the best free sites to list a rental property, it won't cost you anything to begin developing leads. With a little due diligence, you can then work with these leads, screen the bad ones out, and find a good tenant for a very small investment. Here are the very best available right now.


With Craigslist, you get a geo-targeted search that will immediately bring people toward homes for rent in the area they're looking to live. A handy map is available on the site that will pinpoint where rental properties are available. From there, your listing can be quickly accessed from the map and people can read about your offer. Make sure to include plenty of pictures in your listing because the images will appear on your pinpointed locations and are a prominent part of the browsing process.


If you own a house, a condo, or a townhouse, then Zillow will allow you to post a rental advertisement on their website for free. It's one of the biggest websites in the world right now that is specifically related to real estate and you'll pull a lot of extra traffic from people who need to move to your community right away.

Your Front Yard

Yeah... most people think “sites” and think “websites,” but one of the best sites to advertise your rental property for free is your front yard. A large “For Rent” sign with your contact information put on there in a way that is easy to read can generate just as many leads as a free website advertisement can. Compliment this signage with outstanding landscaping in your front yard and you'll create a winning first impression.

The Local Newspaper

Some local newspapers offer a free classified section for rental properties that will give you two or sometimes three lines of text. Check to see if this is offered in your community because this may also give you an online presence as well with the ad being placed on the newspaper's website.

Biggest Classifieds

It's a website that is pretty similar to Craigslist, but you gain an advantage in the fact that listings on this site tend to be indexed more quickly than they are on similar sites. Get locally targeted advertisements that you can easily promote yourself, add images, and receive an instant listing that will be immediately searchable.


If your rental listing is in a metropolitan area, then you could benefit from what this website has to offer. There are a number of specific pages geared toward communities, much like other websites does, but they tend to be city specific. You'll get added exposure, especially when combined with other free sites, and quickly develop the prospects you need to get your property rented fast.

Posted on Jun 19, 2014


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