How to Choose the Right Type of Window Treatment

How to Choose the Right Type of Window Treatment

Hanging The Right Window Treatment

Window dressings can be a little daunting, we have all bought something that looked awesome in the store but then didn’t fit in size or style once we got it home. That’s why we are here to help. We have some tips to consider before your window dressing purchase that will make your decision easier.

What Purpose Does the Treatment Serve

First thing to think about before the purchase of a window treatment is what do I need it for most. Is it for energy saving purposes? If so, it may be best to buy a lined curtain that can cut down on heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Does it need to brighten or darken the area? You may need to purchase a thin light colored treatment that will allow light or a dark heavy treatment to keep the light out of a particular room. Do I need it for noise control in a noisy room such as, a playroom or recreational room? Then you made need a treatment with multiple layers for noise reduction.

Consider the Look and Style

Once you know what you need your treatment for you need to consider the style or look you are looking to incorporate. There are several varieties of treatments available. A Valance which hangs at the top of window and allows light through bottom of window could be consider for decor and to allow light. A curtain which is lined would be ideal for the window that gets a lot of sun and heat in the summer.

Control Light

There are also window shades that can be used for privacy with a valance or blinds which can be adjusted to control light at different times during the day. Shades and blinds maybe ideal to use with curtains, drapes or shears depending on whether needed for noise reduction, energy saving or light reduction.

Match Overall Room Style

A window treatment will work well when matched with the style of the room being displayed. A casual look you may want to consider blinds, shades or panels. A formal look will need to be made with polished hardware and several layers of fabric. While a contemporary look will be made with solid clean lined fabrics and a traditional look would be curtains with draw backs.

Measure the Window for Treatment

Now that you know what you are looking for you will need to measure your window for your treatment. Knowing how to properly measure will ensure you less trips to the store and a lot of hassle hanging the treatment. For a full look when hanging curtains, panels, valances or drapes it is best to allow two to four times the width of the window. The height of a panel for windows is the length including the tab or ring at the top. Panels are generally hung approximately four inches above a window and shorter panels should hang four inches below the window. When choosing a rod with decorative ends for a window treatment they should be at least two inches longer on each side of window. When purchasing a rod it is important to know that the length of rod does not include the length of decorative ends.

When measuring for shades to be placed over the window you should allow enough width to cover the framing and allow around three inches extra in length. If putting in recessed blinds or shades it is necessary to measure the inside width of window to the nearest 1/8th inch..

A new window treatment can spruce up any room and when done with a little planning can be a fun enjoyable process. Just remember to measure properly and know what you need it to accomplish with it and the spruce up will be easier to achieve.
Posted on Nov 07, 2013


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