Choosing Energy Star Compliant Water Heater

Choosing Energy Star Compliant Water Heater

Energy Saving Water Heaters

Water heaters are used to save energy at a time. Just imagine the worth of dollars spent on water heaters, people often forget the expenses related in heating water on a regular basis. This is the reason why it is often necessary to learn more about choosing the right water heater that is perfect for your own home.

More so, there are different types of water heaters that are mainly available in the present society. They also have their various advantages in saving more of the energy costs.

Just imagine, almost twenty-five percent of the energy dollars that are spent go to heating more water. Actually, deciding on the most accurate fuel source to use is right that there is a need to look at the systems that mainly support the fuel needs of your home. There is a need to have the fuel sources such as LP gas, electric and gas.

Choosing the Right Type and Size

Apart from it, there is a need to have the right size and energy saving feature for the right tank. For two or less family members in a household, thirty gallons are required; for two to four family members, thirty-eight to forty gallons are required; for three to five family members, forty-seven to fifty gallons are required; and for five members, sixty-five to eighty gallons are required.

On the other hand, are you also aware that once you have a stove or gas furnace and an electric heater, you can then expect to even save more money at a relatively period of time once the gas line is extended to the water heater? You can try of doing so because it works.

Residential Electric Facts

As per the residential electric, heating the water through the use of electricity may cost about two-hundred dollars to even one-thousand dollars with no or little savings at all. As per the residential gas, storing and heating water may be done that save almost two-hundred eighty dollars to even one-thousand dollars. As per the tankless gas, heating the water is done wherever and whenever you most require it. The cost is about one-thousand dollars wherein the savings reach for about ten to twenty percent in the water heating bill. This is perfect for small households that only make use of less water.

On the other hand, different water heaters also provide a wide variety of energy savings. As per the heat pump electric, it mainly uses electricity in moving heat from a specific place down to the next. The savings are two to three times better as compared to the usual water heater. This is perfect for home with warmer climates because of its low operating costs to electric heaters.

Condensing Gas Facts

As per the condensing gas, it stores and heats the water through the use of a gas. Then, combustion gas is used in heating more water. The cost that is saved is from one-thousand dollars and up. The savings can reach up to one-hundred dollars and up over a year. As per the tankless, the water is normally heated wherever and whenever it is needed. The cost that is saved reaches up to two-hundred dollars wherein the water heating bill is cut by almost ten to even twenty percent.

Choosing between electric and gas, a natural gas is a lot better and more efficient because of its being economical.
Posted on Jan 19, 2014


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