How to Clean a Hoarders House

A hoarders house is a reality for millions of people around the world.

Some say that it is an avoidable situation and a little bit of planning and organizational skills can avert the consequence.

However, there are times when you cannot do anything to help one or more rooms of your home get turned into a hoarders house.

4 Practices to Cleaning a Hoarders House

Here is a comprehensive answer to how to clean a hoarder’s house.

1. You must be very decisive as to what you wish to do with all that trash, which ironically may contain some very precious and necessary items.

You must have a plan of action.

You cannot all of a sudden decide on one fine morning that you would clean it all up or get rid of everything that is there.

Such an approach would backfire and be absolutely unproductive.

It may be counterproductive as well if you lose something that you would have wanted to hold onto or what mattered to you.

2. Set the date when you would clean a hoarders house.

Before that day arrives, you must spend some time in the place to understand how you would get started. How many boxes and bags you may need to grab all that is nonessential has to be figured out.

How you intend to pull things out and where you would stack them temporarily before disposing them off would also have to be figured out.

Finally, you must have a cleaning plan after you have moved out all the stuffs.

3. On the day, approach one portion at a time.

If you have plenty of rooms that are hoarded up then you must not take on all the rooms on the same day.

Once you are in the room or house, you should have two distinctly different areas or large containers such as boxes or bags which would be demarcated for nonessential trash and useful stuffs respectively.

Sort the stuffs out as you start cleaning up the mess.

Once you are done with all the stuffs, you must stack away the trash and put aside the useful stuffs somewhere safe.

You may have to empty the bags or containers several times while cleaning up a hoarder’s house.

4. Once you are done with all the stuffs, use a mop or a vacuum to clean all the dry debris.

To remove all the stains and wet debris, you need to use soap or detergents.

You may have to use disinfectants and other fragrances to redeem the hoarder’s house.

Posted on Mar 25, 2014


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