How to Deal with Lawn Damage from Moles

How to Deal with Lawn Damage from Moles

What You Don’t Know About Moles

There are approximately six specials of moles that exist in North America. The most common three types of moles found in your home are:

1. Eastern Mole
2. Star Nosed Mole
3. Hairy Tailed Mole

These moles are approximately six to eight inches long. They may not be as cute as the chipmunks from Disney but they are similar in size and only weight 3-6 ounces. Females can have a little of moles varied from 2 to 6 babies.

The average mole can dig 18 feet per hour through your yard and eat 50 pounds of food a year. They can move through existing tunnels at a rate of 80 feet a minute. They are known to consumer 60-80% of their own body weight a day.

7 Ways Moles Effect Your Home

1. Moles are known to run your lawn, turning it brown from detaching the roots of the grass.

2. The damage done to your lawn can decrease the curb appeal of your home and lower its value.

3. Your landscaping can get ruined by molehills of dirt that costs you money and time to repair those spots of your lawn.

4. The soil that is exposed by this mole hills increases the ability for weeds to take root and impact your lawn care.

5. A wet yard can make it easier for moles to move and provides them with a greater food source.

6. Since moles are active all year round, the damage your yard is caused can see no end until you deal with the infestation.

7. Who wants tunnels in their yard? These would continue to grow as moles dig increasing tunnels searching for worms and insects to eat.
Posted on Dec 08, 2013


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