How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Tips on How to Create a Good Harmony in the Bedroom

A bedroom is a place for relaxation, resting and romance. Establishing a good harmony in all of its corners can make it more comfortable for sleeping and resting at night. Here are some of the basic tips on how to achieve a rejuvenating and refreshing deep sleep at night in well arranged bedroom. To start with, here are some of the best ideas to apply in selecting the color for the walls of a bedroom. The most common examples of colors that are being used in bedrooms are the colors red, peach, yellow, blue and green. All of these colors have different meanings and relationships to the harmony and emotional feelings of the occupant of a certain room.

What is Chi?

According to the study of word “Chi” in Chinese culture, the colors painted on the walls of a bedroom can influence the energy or aura, personality and habits of a certain person. “Chi” means energy force, a certain type of energy that controls the emotions, feelings and habits of a certain person. Energy forces have a strong bond to colors.

The Influence of Colors

If color red was used in a bedroom, it encourages romance, but be careful not to exaggerate its shades on the walls for it may cause extreme fire. Peach is very simple and pleasant to the eyes, but this color can encourage an affair.
Yellow is a color that is very stimulating. It is not ideal for the walls of a bedroom for it may leave the occupant restless instead of being rejuvenated the whole night. When color blue is painted on the bedroom walls, it looks very relaxing and sometimes, it can be extremely cool. Color green provides a calming effect inside a bedroom. All of these colors have different effects to the “Chi” of a person. Since the bedroom is allotted for relaxation and sleeping, it will be better if at least one of these colors is selected to be painted on its walls. Every person must choose different styles or colors fit their interest and habits in bedrooms.

Furniture Placement

Finally, the colors for an ideal bedroom were already discussed. Now, what are the best ways to maintain harmony in a bedroom with the use of a bed? There are some important instructions to consider in making the best arrangement of a bed inside a very relaxing bedroom. A bed must be positioned far from the door. Its exact position must give the occupant a clear view of the door of the bedroom while lying.

In selecting a type of bed to place inside a bedroom, try to consider the presence of strong headboard next to the pillows. A strong headboard is necessary in protecting the “Chi” of a person while sleeping. At the same time, try to look for a position that is also far from an opened window and sunlight for it may drain all the energy forces in the head while sleeping. Beds should have an extra space at its bottom or underneath part to make sure that the “Yin” or the earth force will be able to recharge the occupant of the bed while sleeping. Mirrors must be placed far from the bed to prevent it from reflecting the face of a sleeping individual that causes loss of energy force.
Posted on Dec 19, 2013


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