DIY Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance Tips

DIY Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance Tips An average of $11 billion is spent by United States homeowners every year on air conditioning.

That is a total of 100 million tons of carbon dioxide released as a result of air conditioning.

More than half of a homeowner’s bill goes towards cooling the home.

To maintain costs and save money on air conditioning maintenance, here are some easy tips to follow.

Maintenance Tips

1. Call in the professionals.

Be sure to service your air conditioner yearly before the hot season starts.

2. Maintain air filters in the home. T

hese should be checked and changed every month to two months.

A clean filter can reduce energy use by 5-15%.

3. Clean your vents regularly.

This will ensure that no obstructions are in the way so air can pass through easily.

Remove branches, leaves, and debris from your outdoor unit.

4. Cover it up.

Keep your outdoor air conditioner unit covered in the off season.

This will keep dirt and debris out of the inner workings of the unit.

5 Ways to Save Money

1. Clean the coils – Dirty coils can increase your bill use by 30%.

2. Ensure Lubrication – Smooth running parts will minimize the wear and tear of your unit and reduce your monthly bill by 5%.

3. Program the thermostat correctly – This simple task along can help to save you $180 each year.

4. Raise the temperature – Setting the thermostat to be warmer when you are away from home can save 1% per degree.

5. Upgrade your system – New energy saving models is 10-14% more efficient than standard models.

Posted on Sep 07, 2013


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