DIY Landscaping Guide and Examples

DIY Landscaping Guide and Examples

8 Step Guide to your DIY Landscaping

Landscaping will not only boost your curb side appeal, but increase your overall home value by 7-15%.

Taking the time to invest in your homes landscape will increase your salability as 82% of buyers will not look at a home with bad landscaping.

Here is an easy to follow guide that will help you when planning your own DIY landscaping.

1. Make a Decision

Take a look over your current landscaping and decide which existing features you want to keep.

Make note of areas with uneven ground and shade.

This will come in handy when you draw up your plans for your landscaping.

2. Pick a Style

What appeal do you want you’re landscaping to have?

Integrate your own personal style with your design.

This theme will help to guide your purchasing options while helping you to determine the continual maintenance of your landscaping.

Once you settle on a style, sketch out your design plan.

3. Create a Budget

Decide how many flowers and trees you will need for your design.

Price out the mulch, sand, and tools necessary to complete your project.

Measure the size of the areas you need to cover before finalizing your calculations.

Align the needed items with your budget.

4. Stagger Plants and Flowers

To ensure your landscape looks good all year round, pick plants that bloom at different times of year.

Make sure that the plants will thrive in your current climate and use annual flowers to bring together seasonal gaps.

5. Mix Deciduous and Evergreen Trees

Evergreen type trees will maintain greenery year round.

Deciduous trees will bring forth seasonal color to your landscape.

6. Layer Flower Beds

Keep in mind the shade and sun requirements of your plants before laying them in the ground.

You can plant up to three rows with the tallest plants in the back with shortest in the front.

7. Add a Hardscape

Your hardscape can consist of natural stone walkways, paved paths that are either permanent or interlock, and natural stone retaining walls.

This will bring forth cohesion between your home and the landscape set forth.

8. Add Seating

There is nothing like adding an area to sit where you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Use patio pavers for a seating area and add a focal point such as fire pit or water feature.

Posted on Jun 16, 2013


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