DIY Refrigerator Repair

DIY Refrigerator Repair

Tundra Appliances DIY Repairs

Tundra refrigeration DIY repairs can help you save from the cost of expensive repairs offered by professionals. DIY repairs that you can do with your refrigeration system include door closer that is not working properly, latch and hinges, thermometer, fan motor, and gasket issues. If you are able to repair issues in these parts, you can avoid serious repairs that may arise in the future.

A door closer issue is simple to undertake. All you need to do is to determine the hardware number on the back and purchase a new one to replace it. The same goes to identifying repairs on thermometer, gasket, latch and hinge, and fan motor.

Oven Range Resources

Dealing with oven range issues can give you a serious headache. Not to mention the cost of spare parts that you need to order just to keep your oven working properly, especially during weekends. On top of top, it can never hurt you on stocking parts of your oven, which you can use to support peak performance of your appliance. If you only know the oven range resources, and know how to take good care of them properly, you can avoid the cost of ordering new parts.

Oven range resources include burner valves, range grates, thermostats, switches and knobs. You can find burner knobs in broilers, griddles, and range tops. You might have extra knobs at your home, and you do not need to spend the whole weekend turning on your oven range using pliers. The same thing goes to other gas range parts. You do not need to order for them from your local store or online store, as you may have them in your storage room.

Fryer Troubleshooting

The primary issue that you will face with your fryer is a pilot light that won’t stay lit. Time will come that you will deal with this issue as your fryer performance can slow down due to frequent use.

If the pilot light of your fryer doesn’t stay lit, the hi-limit can be the culprit. You can correct this by taking one wire and connect it with the other wire. But, if the pilot won’t stay lit after you do this, the hi-limit needs to be replaced.

If the pilot light still won’t stay lit after to replaced the hi-lit, the thermopile is the next stop. Remove the thermopile and then replace it with a new one. If your fryer stays lit, you can start with your cooking. If the fryer still won’t lit after you replaced the first two components, you can check the gas valve. You will need to replace it. The thermostat is the last step if your fryer is not working after you repair or replace the first three components. The thermostat needs to be replaced, and you need to order it from your local store or online store.

Remember that you need to implement extreme caution when making repairs on your fryer. You’re dealing with hot components, and you may get injured if you do not use necessary tools.
Posted on Jan 06, 2014


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