Elements of a Great Apartment Newsletter

Having a thriving apartment community goes beyond having a great staff and wonderful amenities. Being able to communicate with the residents is also an important part of fostering a sense of community among your tenants. One of the best ways to keep them involved and connected is an apartment newsletter. Good apartment newsletters make y our residents feel as if they are part of a larger plan where their presence and concerns count. Great apartment newsletters are part of an effective marketing strategy that works.

A professionally designed newsletter speaks volumes. It demonstrates to your tenants and others who read it that you care about the presentation and the image it conveys. A nice, cohesive color scheme, attractive fonts and a standard header that can be enhanced per season or holiday shows consistency and helps build brand image.

Your content should be informative, engaging and error-free. If your intent is to demonstrate why your tenants are living in the best community, your content should reflect that. Your readers want to know how it will benefit them to read the newsletter, so make it worth their while. Some interesting items that you may want to consider including are below:


  • Community News - This is a feature article about anything happening around the apartment or surrounding areas that will affect the residents in some way. A good example would be road work being done that will prohibit tenants from using an entrance. This is also where you would let residents know if there are any new additions to the staff, their names, and what they do.
  • Maintenance Updates - If there are any maintenance issues going on in the community, or if there are monthly pest control spray days, announcing these updates in the newsletter would be a helpful and efficient way to disseminate the information.
  • Something of Interest or Value - This could be a recipe or DIY article, but it should give the residents information that is useful to them.
  • Community Contests - This does not need to be every month, but once in a while, there should be some kind of contest to keep residents engaged. Consider one contest per holiday or season.
  • Referral Incentives - Residents love it when they will receive something by referring someone to the community.
  • Images - The images you use should be professional. Although using clip art can be useful for certain things, you want to use the highest quality images you can find.

In our society, technology rules. This means that tenants may not look at their hard copy, but would rather access the newsletter online. You should have both to accommodate the residents that prefer something tangible and who are more technologically adept.
Another helpful feature to include on each newsletter is your contact information, such as email and phone number, to remind residents that you're accessible and there to help.
Incorporating these elements into your newsletter will help you produce a resident-worthy document that will keep them engaged and looking forward to the next. These tips will help you keep your community engaged and will work to your advantage in enhancing your brand.

Posted on Dec 15, 2014


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