Email Marketing Best Practices for Real Estate

Email Marketing Best Practices for Real Estate

How to Email Market for Real Estate Agents

No longer does a real estate agency have to mail off thousands of post cards to everyone in an area to market their local industry. Email marketing can help to save time and costs while making interested parties aware of your presence. Here are the three core elements to performing an email marketing campaign.

1. Identify Who You Are

Identify who you are before email blasting thousands of recipients. Email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail, the email sender appears on the far left making it the first thing people see when scanning their email. With iPhone and iPad users, the sender shows at the top in bold making it apparent to other readers.

2. Follow the 4 U’s

The subject line is the second most important thing to the sender. Ask yourself these four questions first:

• Is the email urgent? – This makes readers encouraged to act now and read later.
• Is it ultra-specific? – An ultra-specific line can tease readers to want to find out more.
• Is it unique? - A unique subject can say something is new, or something is on the way.
• Is it useful? – Usefulness grabs attention by offering some benefit.

3. Keep it Simple

While the subject line and sender gets the readers to open the email, having a concise message will actually get them to read it. Readers spend an average of 51 seconds on each email newsletter. Because of this, make sure your readers can get the necessary information out of your email in under a minute.

Sum up the email in a single sentence and make that your first sentence. Break up paragraphs to be no more than 1 or 2 sentences. Use bullet points and bolding when necessary to make it easy to skim.
Posted on Jul 17, 2013


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