Energy Costs of Household Gadgets

Energy Costs of Household Gadgets

Household Trendy Gadgets: Unveiling the Hidden Cost

Trendy household gadgets are undeniably beneficial, but individuals must be aware of the hidden cost being tied with these. Based on reports presented by the Department of Energy in the U.S., average household electricity consumption is now 13 times higher than in 1950. It has also been predicted that over the next decades, electricity consumption in the country will continue to grow due to meteoric increase in electric goods sale directly to customers. Electrical consumer goods that are frequently purchased by individuals these days include electric cars, smartphones, and more.

Getting Familiar With Plug-in Home and its Real Cost

Most if not all home electronics have individual and small power draw, but when you look at the total cost of energy for the entire electronic devices and gadgets used daily, you will notice that the price rises up so quickly. In TV and video including player, sound system, plasma TV, flat screen TV and DVR, the average yearly power bills in five years rise. In gaming consoles like Nintendo, Xbox Elite, and PlayStation, there is also an evident increase in the power bill and the rise is expected in 5 years. The same case is also observed with the non-gaming entertainment power bill.

Home Entertainment
Setting up a top line home entertainment system is just the start. The cost of running this system is the thing that is really surprising to the point that it can reach hundreds of dollars annually. Gamers can also expect additional payments in running their console. Based on the reports presented by the U.S. Department of Energy, the standby electrical energy vampires are said to be gobbling up accounts for 5% approximately on all residential electricity consumption and costs consumers in the U.S. over $7 billion yearly.

Mobile Devices
It was also found out that other trendy gadgets and devices at home like mobile devices, computer system, and large appliances result to higher cost of power bills especially when these devices and gadgets are often used. Due to modern way of living, individuals tend to rely on trendy gadgets for accessibility, convenience and immediate results, and better performance. There has been an evident increase in power bills, but individuals must realize that this will still be based on the frequency of use and all other related factors.

The Modern Home Office
Running your home office is also associated with hidden cost that will surely surprise you eventually. When your office supplies and appliances are always plugged-in like printer, personal computer, transmitter, the cost of running your home office can reach about $50 per year. Additional payments for extra devices like copiers, shredders can also be expected. Kitchen and cleaning devices can also add to the cost of your power bill. About $400 can be reach annually if you take into consideration the fridge, oven and cooking gadgets.

Electric Car
The electric car can save you lots of money in gas but it was found out that several car models have the capacity of raising your yearly electric bill to $348 can even jump up to $600 if you opt to live in location with higher electricity costs.
Posted on Jan 02, 2014


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