Examples of Landlord Slander

What is Slander?

The slander includes maligning the activities or reputation of an entity or individually in a verbal manner. It makes use of the information which is misleading or false. Most of the time, it involves not just using specific words in order to damage somebody else’s reputation. It is also about actions like facial expressions or hand gestures in reinforcing the misinformation being distributed.

Any form of defamation which has been “transitory”, or not fixed when it comes to permanent medium, is normally considered as slander. One easy way of understanding this word is considering some examples which denote such kind of negative behavior. There are various cases that may emphasize an act of slander and one of them is the landlord slander. There have been several examples of landlord slander. It is always important to know about the distinctions of different behaviors towards a particular thing or person. Landlord slander could mean other things which depend on how a person or the landlord reacts toward the other party.


1. A person who has been unhappy with the procedures and policies of his landlord. At a particular event which includes all employees with partners and spouses, this disgruntled person will start spreading untrue information regarding the landlord and his business. The person may also state that the business activities of the landlords have been unethical and illegal. Unless this person got reliable evidences to prove these claims against these particular people mentioned in the statements, he may be considered liable for slander.

2. The landlord spread false rumors pertaining to you to some tenants.

3. Showing some actions or gestures towards you that implies disrespect and other negative treatments.

4. A landlord slandered somebody else for being unable to pay rent right on time. This could be done to the relatives and friends of a particular person who is known to him. He or she could have said that the person is a prostitute or may get inside the rental uninvited while holding a kitchen knife. There could even be worst scenario like this and it is important to take the necessary actions.

Educating Yourself

These are just some of the most common instances when the landlord slander is being emphasized. You should be able to figure out easily what the landlord does to you or if it greatly affects your reputation. A landlord needs to be responsible in dealing with the people around him or her. It is never right to say false statements against another person.

By having a basic knowledge of the examples of landlord slander, then you will never lose your way. When looking for a rent space, you have to check everything including the attitude or characteristics of the tenant. In this way, you can completely decide whether you really have to take the rental offer or just look for another home or apartment to rent. You should not rush everything. Make sure that you will always make an informed decision. This is one way of protecting yourself and your reputation.
Posted on Feb 19, 2014


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