Examples of Being a Negligent Landlord

Landlords need to maintain their rental properties into local and state standards to ensure habitability.

In each rental property, the habitability warranty will be implied; it only indicates that it should meet the expectation for residency.

At the same time, it should not jeopardize a tenant’s safety or health.

When the landlords violated housing and health codes, they will be negligent in the lawsuit.

There are various examples of being a negligent landlord.

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, it is still important to learn that neglecting any request for repair may end up to serious, injuries and penalties.

The following information below will give you an idea when a landlord becomes negligent in his specific responsibilities.

Landlord Negligence

Initially, the landlord negligence takes place when the building managers or landlords failed to perform timely inspections, maintenance work or repairs.

The negligence laws have been varying specifically to all landlords from countries and regions.

And, when the landlord showed disregarded steps willfully when it comes to tenant safety and property upkeep, he may be negligible in the lawsuit.

Most claims on landlord negligence show that the tenants are regarded to obtain the rights to expect something about the rented property.

He or she may expect that the property should be safe and organized.


1. If the water pipe bursts in the suite of the tenant and his or her landlord was informed yet ignored the request, that landlord may be charged of negligence.

In the lawsuit of landlord negligence, tenants need to provide evidence that his or her landlord had been informed or contacted, most especially if it happened on various occasions.

When the tenant’s belongings or rental suite got damaged due to the negligence, the landlord would provide a payment claim for the damages.

2. Failure to repair any broke stair on the staircase or not changing the light bulb on the rental property typically constitutes negligence of the landlord.

The visitor or tenant may fall or trip which might cause minor or serious injury.

3. A sign of water pipe leaks or mold in any parts of the building should be repaired immediately to prevent the tenants from getting sick.

The landlord should take responsibility of ensuring that all parts of the property will be safe.

4. If the landlord did not perform regular checks or inspections of the property’s elevator, this can be one of the examples of being a negligent landlord since the safety of the tenant will be at risk.

5. Another responsibility of every landlord is to secure that all property areas will be safe.

In most cases, when a landlord failed to notify the authorities in the law enforcement of the attempted break ins, this also constitute to negligence.

In addition, failure to fix the outdoor lightning or inability to report the suspicious behaviors to tenants and the police will also constitute the negligence of the landlord.

There are more examples of being a negligent landlord.

Thus, tenants should also be aware of these landlord negligence lawsuits so that they know what to do when such circumstance happened.

Posted on Feb 20, 2014


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