Explanation of Landlord Intimidation

Landlord intimidation has several forms. And some landlords are doing it intentionally to scare their tenants. This act is punishable by the law and tenants should not allow themselves to be victimized by it. This kind of violation is present when landlords are no longer respecting the rights of their tenants after selling their properties to new buyers. One of its best examples is the act of allowing the new buyers or owners to enter and use some of the newly purchased properties immediately without the permission of the tenants. Tenants may complain to the agencies and offices of the authorities if their landlords are guilty in this kind of harassment.

What is Landlord Intimidation

Landlord intimidation is the act of forcing a tenant to leave a property immediately without the permission of a court. The victims of this kind of harassment should not be afraid to defend their rights if a letter of eviction coming from a court is not yet present in their mailboxes. Tenants can stay on their houses or facilities for several days and months even if their properties were already purchased by a different individual as long as the letters of eviction for them are not yet done.

Fee Charges

Landlords may charge some rental fees from their tenants if these individuals are not yet moving to new facilities. Landlord intimidation is present if the landlords are already neglecting the long term lease policies and rights of the tenants after selling some pre-owned properties. This kind of harassment can be committed also by landlords by hiring different individuals (agents) who can do the destruction for them. This violation will ruin the life of a tenant when proper solutions are not provided immediately. Most of the landlords who are committing this kind of violation are the individuals who know how to scare their tenants easily.

Signs of Abuse

Abusive landlords commit landlord intimidation to force their tenants to live their properties immediately without following the proper procedures. Tenants can do something to protect themselves from this kind of harassment. Tenants should not be afraid to defend their rights against abusive landlords especially if the issue is already related to the violation of their right to live peacefully in a rented facility. Here are some of the best and legal steps that the tenants can do in preventing the negative impacts of landlord harassment in their lives. The first step is to keep some strong evidences against the abusive landlords.

How to Protect Yourself

The second step is to visit a local or municipal court to get an immediate assistance and protection from the authorities. The third step is to tell the abusive landlords to send their new messages to them with the use of written letters only. And the last step is to tell that abusive landlords that legal actions and the law won’t tolerate their evil deeds. Tenants should always be ready with the possible problems and conflicts that may arise in the process of defending their rights in a legal way. Landlord intimidation becomes more powerful if the victims are afraid so tenants should be very brave and wise.
Posted on Feb 16, 2014


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