How to Fix Broken PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is used in a variety of ways around the house. It is often used in a sprinkler system or other form of irrigation, but you'll also find it underneath the kitchen sink, in your bathroom, and even in your plumbing venting. The reason why it is used is because it is extremely lightweight and incredibly durable. When it gets cold or gets struck by a hard object, however PVC is also known to break under the pressure or impact.

In order to repair a broken PVC pipe, you're going to need to remove the section of pipe that has broken and leave the two areas of good pipe alone. You're then going to need to bridge the empty section that you've removed with a new piece of PVC pipe. Here are the steps you will need to take.

1. Accurately Cut Out the Damaged Section

Using a sharp saw, cut out the section of damaged pipe. Give yourself a circumference line in order to act as a guide as you do this so that you won't end up creating even more damage. You'll need to do this on both sides of the break in order to make the repair permanent. Make sure your cuts are always perpendicular to the direction the pipe is going. You can use a hacksaw in an emergency.

2. Remove the Burrs

Once you've cut through the PVC pipe, the edges are going to have a few burrs on them. This is natural and occurs with even sharp saws. Use some sandpaper to smooth out the edges. Don't use a power sander for this job, however, as you could damage the good section of pipe or affect its future integrity.

3. Get Your PVC Bridge

Measure out the distance that is now missing in your PVC pipe. Now take 0.5 inches off of this measurement because your bridge is going to fit into a coupling. Follow the same cutting steps above if you need to cut the new piece of pipe yourself for the repair.

4. Dry Fit Everything First

Nothing is worse than starting a project, only to realize that you've got the wrong parts. Dry fit your repair first. You should fit the coupling over the good pipe first, affix the bridge, and then attach the coupling to the bridge and the other span of good pipe.

5. Create a Good Repair

Once everything lines up and looks good, you'll need to apply PVC solvent to the inside of all your couplings and to the outside of the PVC pipe that is being used for the bridge. Let the solvent dry, which takes 60-90 seconds. Then apply PVC cement to the outside tubing and the inside of the coupling. Push the pipe together, rotate it a quarter turn, and then hold the repair together by hand for 30 seconds or so. Then just repeat on the other side of the bridge and you'll have repaired your PVC pipe.
Posted on Oct 12, 2014


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