How to Fix Honeycomb Blinds

One of the common upgrades that you'll see in a number of rental properties are honeycomb blinds. Even a number of home owners invest in these as an effective option. They are typically made from a fabric material that is denser than paper, so they are less resilient to tearing, but this any other forms of damage can quite often occur.

Here is how you can fix some common issues with honeycomb blinds.

Issue #1: Stains

Staining on these blinds can occur quite frequently. It can happen because of dinner splattering, an accidental paint brush swipe, or just through normal wear and tear. Cleaning the stain off of these blinds is rather easy! Run some warm water in the bath tub and then put a standard amount of laundry detergent in with the water. Place the blind in the water and then swirl it around some. Use a gentle brush to scrub stubborn stains. Hold the blinds upright after washing to drain any excessive water and then rehang, placing a towel underneath for 24 hours to capture any additional water.

Issue #2: Broken Cords

Another common issue with a honeycomb blind is a broken cord. Instead of having to buy a brand new set of blinds, however, you can simply replace the lift cord in a few easy steps. You'll first need to take the blind down and then examine how the cord feeds itself to raise the blinds. Remove the broken cord and then run replacement lift cord or string through the mechanism guide. Then simply hang them up again and you're ready to go.

To make this task rather effortless, it is a good idea to purchase a restring needle that works with the string or cord size that you have. Many of these needles can be found for just $1 and helps to thread cord through fabric or the feeding mechanism quickly and efficiently.

Issue #3: Sagging Blinds

Sometimes honeycomb blinds can end up sagging in the middle of the blind because of the overall weight of the shades themselves. This typically happens in wider installation points and is caused by a lack of weight distribution. To fix this issue, a third bracket in the middle of the installation point can alleviate the extra stress by supporting the added weight that the other two brackets cannot adequately hold.

Issue #4: Ripped Shades

Over time, honeycomb shades may tear, especially from around the edges, if they are grasped in the same spot. These tears can be difficult to fix sometimes, but not necessarily impossible. Because these blinds are often as dense as fabric, the tear can sometimes be stitched together to create a seamless result. Glue may also be used at times to fix a tear or invisible tape may also be an option. Just remember this: because these blinds accordion upward, you may need to be careful about doing so after a fix, otherwise you may see the blind tear once again at the same seam.
Posted on Aug 30, 2014


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