How To Fix A Leaky Flat Roof

A flat roof might be a stunning architectural feature, but it also has certain challenges that come with the design. This is especially true when it rains! When you've got water on top of a flat roof, you've got the conditions present where a leak can quickly occur. If that has already happened to you, then you'll want to immediately take these steps to fix your leaky flat roof so the damage doesn't get more expansive over time.

Do You Have Blisters, Cracks, or Splits On Your Roof?

Because the flat roof is not as successful at shedding off extra moisture, it has a higher risk of expanding and contracting based on environmental conditions. Over time, this will result in a cracking or splitting because of the extra pressures. The easiest way to fix this issue is to apply a waterproofing system on the flat roof that will fill-in the cracks and blisters that have formed. You may need to apply a primer to the roof before applying the waterproofing.

Have Nails Come Loose From Your Roof?

Sometimes a flat roof will be protected with shingles or other traditional items that you'd find on a sloped roof. If this is the case, then look for any nails that have worked their way loose from the roof. They'll often be sticking up higher than the flat layer of shingling or environmental covering that is present. Check the loose shingles for rot or corrosion and then look underneath at the roof for cracking. Apply epoxy or other sealant if damage is discovered, replace the shingle if necessary, and then secure the shingle to the roof once again.

Is It Too Cold Outside?

If it is below 70F outside, then your roof has likely contracted somewhat and this means you may not be able to effectively repair an issue. As the weather turns warmer, the roof will expand and most repairs will be rendered ineffective. If it isn't warm enough to do a repair, affix a tarp to the roof where the damage is occurring so you'll have a higher level of protection until you can do the repair. Not sure where the leak might be? Then consider using a tarp over the entire roof or hunt down small cracks by using compressed air to sweep the roof.

Roofing Tar Is Always an Option As Well

A flat roof needs regular roofing tar as a maintenance feature, but not every property owner realizes this. Over time, the tar will degrade and this will cause leaks to occur – even if no cracks can be seen. This is because tar is also subject to environmental expanding and contracting as well. If you do need to tar your roof, make sure to leave the area you accessed the roof for last so you don't paint yourself into a corner.

It is pretty easy to fix a leaky flat roof if you know what to do and when it needs to be done. Use these ideas to fix your own roof today so that you can stop damage from spreading quickly and for an affordable price.
Posted on Sep 13, 2014


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