How To Fix A Popcorn Ceiling

Although a popcorn ceiling can be a difficult installation and even a difficult repair, it still has some valuable advantages. Popcorn ceilings manage acoustics in a better way than flat ceilings, are relatively affordable to install, and can provide a home with a seamless look from floor to ceiling. That means knowing how to fix a popcorn ceiling requires the worker to match the texture of the repair with the texture of the surrounding walls and ceiling.

In order to properly repair the issue, you may also need to fix an underlying problem. Here's how you can make sure your repair will last.

Identify the Repair Issue First

Most repairs of a popcorn ceiling entail filling in a hole from a ceiling hook or impact damage that has occurred for some reason. The other common issue that causes a repair to be initiated is a water leak. You'll need to identify specifically what needs to be repaired before you fix the popcorn ceiling. That means filling in holes, removing a dent with a full drywall patch, or fixing the water leak and removing damaged drywall.

Sand Down the Damaged Area

In order for your repair to be long term, you'll need to prepare the damaged area for the repair. Sand it down so that the entire area being repaired is nice and smooth. That's because if you have any damaged popcorn texture remaining on the ceiling, the repair you're about to initiate may not be a permanent fix. Once you've sanded down the area being repaired, you'll need to use a primer in the area as well.

Match Up Your Texture

The easiest way to match up the texture you need for your popcorn ceiling is to purchase additives that can go into the paint. This method allows you to better control the type and size of texture that you're applying and won't make the repair look like you just tossed some texture up on the ceiling. These paint mixes come in various grades so you can get the aggregate that you need. Make sure to text the paint and texture somewhere before applying it to your ceiling.

If you're in a hurry or on an extreme budget, however, spray texture is a viable option. Just keep in mind that most spray cans are not designed to spray upside down. Clean up any mess quickly with a wet rag so your repair doesn't spread out to other areas of the ceiling.

The key to a good repair to make it look as random as possible. Spray or paint in several different directions so it doesn't look like you just painted down a one-way street. Don't overdo the work either because that will look equally bad. Allow the repair to dry and then touch up any areas that are very noticeable. Allow the second layer to dry and you'll then successfully know how to fix a popcorn ceiling.
Posted on Sep 14, 2014


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