Fixing an Exploding Toilet

Fixing an Exploding Toilet

Exploding Toilet

Exploding toilet can lead to serious wounds and there are stories reported pertaining to this concern. According to the news, one victim was knocked lifeless and acquired shrapnel wounds on the arm, face, legs and head after the toilet exploded. A plumbing service provider was fixing the water pressure later that day and the victim decided to assess the toilet to determine if the water is running fine. The pressurized flush valve toilet exploded which caused him many wounds.

Causes of Exploding Toilet

Why do these instances happen? Exploding of toilet happens as of a flash assist scheme, through Flushmate set up in the tank of your toilets. This system was made to save more water and really pushes down the water in order to drain rather than of drawing like a usual gravity toilet.

• Water flows into the container
• The air is packed together and the container is all set to flush.
• The pressure of air empties the water tank.

Flushmate, a part of the Sloan Valve Agency, has recalled almost 2.3 million of the Flushmate 3 Pressure system in the United States of America and virtually 9,400 pressure systems in Canada as the Flushmate can rupture near the container weld seam producing stored pressure. This flushing system is set up inside the toilet tank and the system can raise the lid which shatters the vessel or the tank.

The concern can happen once the pressure turns out to be powerful that the toilet bursts. Usually, the unit explodes in close proximity to the weld seal, producing stored pressure that can shatter the toilet tank.

Fixing Your Toilet

How to determine and fix the concern is very easy. First, you have to lift the lid of the water tank, considering 503 series Flushamet pressure system is a great help. Once the date on the label is between 14th of October 1997 to 29 of February 2007, then you can apply for a recall. This is for the benefit of your safety and the rest of the family as well. So, the best thing to do is to stop utilizing the toilet, immediately switch off the source of the water of your toilet, flush the pressure system to release the pressure, call the company to obtain a free kit and follow the provided guidelines.

Flushmate has obtained many reports regarding the bursting of the product, leading to property damage and fourteen impact or slash injuries and this is according to the report provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Talking about pressure assisted toilet, when the water displaces air in the covered tank, it makes pressure that thrusts waste cogently out in the bowl. Flushmate reported that the system can be set up so as to utilize the force of the water source line to give the energy required in order to complete the flushing.

Flushmate performs better and in fact, is considered as one of the best pressure systems today. Flushmate utilizes pressure rather than gravity, making the powerful flushing action. 503 Flushmate utilizes 1.6 or 6 liters of water for every flush without compromising the performance. This also saves 20 percent water than the typical technologies.
Posted on Dec 23, 2013


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