Future of Home Automation

Future of Home Automation

Speculation as to What Would be Your Life at Home in Year 2020

Year 2020 would probably be considered to be more and more progressive as the presence of huge number of visions that came up from the different speculations and fantasy belief of the stuffs in the Jeston as well as in the Space Odyssey. Their futuristic speculations tends to convene that in this year there are lots of realistic situation that are going to happen as well as it would be excellently different from the previous years.

Human Behavior

In this year people will be seen to be highly intelligent and intuitive when it comes to their cognitive aspect. They will also develop greater quantity of self awareness not only for himself but also to other people with regards to their behavioral and emotional; aspect. When it comes to the way they are going to adapt to this year, they will be observed to have integrated system of works that imitate the biological structure of a person. The future people will exist in this year will live in a world having symbiotic relationship with other people, knows how to manage their priorities accordingly and interact in different ways.

What the Future Holds

Before entering year 2020, you need first to foresee what would be the possible changes that would appear. People who are heading at home will now be given chance to access some of the machines they are going to use if they are already home. In just a quick touch of the hands you cannot just quickly access online but you can also operate machines and other gadgets as well. You can set up the prescribed temperature of a thermostat as well as preheat an oven. You can also start up a dishwashing machine and set up the timers in starting up the machine used in an irrigation system.

Technological Advancements

As you soon arrive, an automated system is already been programmed and prepared for your arrival. You can now be able to view cameras through your IPhones or other mobile gadgets to make sure that nobody entered your house when you are not around. Pushing the button of your mobile gadget, you can also turn on all the lights that needs to be lighted and a security alert will be heard as soon as you are already home. These are just only for mobile gadgets that will be highly developed during the year 2020. There will be also the creation of a monitoring system in energy to make efficient records and updates. This monitor system will eventually display all your expenses monthly for electricity. As of 2010 21 million of people in Americas already installed this monitor system in their houses and 58 million are expected to also have this foe the next years. Due to these, as expected there would be $35 billion that could already been saved by using it.

There are also high tech machines which can detect who you are by just your face and this is known as the face detection as well as detecting your voice. There are also automated sanitation machines to prevent the presence of diseases. The kitchen and living room developments can also be observed with the used of different appliances that will make people to be at ease with their works and can be operated with just the touch of the hands. There would also be tables which can be placed in both rooms to remind of your appointments and schedules.

If you are going to watch television you can eventually watch on 3D wherein 2 million people already have and as expected 100 million will be sold to other people in the year 2014. Bedrooms and bathrooms can also be develop with the used of high tech faucets and sinks that will probably saves electricity. With lightings in your house there are also developments as to how they can eventually give you bright lights hence less expense for electricity. For relaxation time, there are also machines which will eventually relieve all your stress and pains quickly and effectively. There are machines that will let you experience different types of weather you preferred to have liked cold, and warm.

Year 2020 would be the most progressive years for you to experience. Some of this technologies are eventually been used by other countries but there are some who are continuously undergoing some processes. It is a progressive year that would help put people in everything they are doing and they cannot wait to try some of this.
Posted on Dec 16, 2013


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