How to Get Rid of Clutter in Your Home

How to Get Rid of Clutter in Your Home

15 Fantastic Reasons To Clear Out Clutter At Home

Clearing out clutter at home is very important since not only does it leave your hoe clear and tidy, it also saves you a lot of problems such as dust settling, pest infestations, losing or misplacing of items and cash and also affecting your relationship with other people. Below are 15 fantastic reasons why you need to clear out clutter at home.

1. You can sell your home for more money:
In case you want to sell your home, it can earn you more cash in case before the buyer meets you, you are able to clear out the home. It gives a nice impression and thus it might fetch you more money.

2. You can decrease stress:
Majority of American homeowners were stressed that their homes were not clean or organized. A survey conducted by Rubbermaid found out that almost 42% of Americans were anxious that their houses were not organized.

3. You can clear your mind:
According to, research shows that living in a cluttered environment affects how a person focuses and at the same time limiting the ability of one’s brain to process any information.

4. You can turn back the clock:
Majority of Americans spends more than a year of their lifetime looking for misplaced items and thus the importance of this clearing out cutter at home.

5. You can breathe easier:
Dust settles on everything it comes into contact with and if you suffer from respiratory problems, you are likely to be more affected. Dust contains harmful compounds such as DDT, arsenic compounds and even fecal matter. As a result, it is important to clear out your home.

6. More time for fun:
If you are able to clear out clutter at home, this can reduce your average housework by 40%.

7. Improving your own friendships:
Homeowners have been found not to invite friends to their homes because of clutter.

8. Improving your kids friendship:
According to a survey conducted by rubber maid 16% of moms do not allow their children to invite their friends because their homes were not organized.

9. Creating room for a car park:
25% of garages could not be used as car parks due to a lot of packed stuff as a result; clearing off some of this stuff can create enough space for packing.

10. You can cut household expenses:
It costs an average of 10$ per square foot for one to store their items. If you are able to clear some of the unused stuff at home, you can be able to create enough space for storing everything you have.

11. You can save money on food:
According to a research carried out by UCLA, nearly half of homes investigated had an extra refrigerator to store extra food.

12. Reduce toy buying budget:
According to UCLA, homes studies had more than a 100 toys while others had more than 250. Many other toys were in unknown places.

13. You can find money:
As you clear your home, you are also likely to come across misplaced cash, checks, and even gift cards which you can use to buy yourself some items.

14. Bump on credit score:
In a Harris interactive survey, almost quarter of Americans adults acknowledged paying bills late while others hand racked up fees because they could not find the bills.

15. Improving your sex life:
You can have a strained relationship due to arguments over lost items, forgotten errands and disorganization. These can affect your life more than they should and this can even affect your sex life negatively.
Posted on Sep 21, 2013


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