Great Apartment Newsletter Ideas

If you're managing an apartment complex or you just want to increase the feeling of community as a tenant in a multi-unit building, an apartment newsletter can really help to facilitate your goals. A well-run newsletter opens up communication lines, provides tenants with tips and tricks to take care of their apartments, and can be used as a foundation to build relationships.

It all begins with the format of your apartment newsletter. It must be easy to read and not be condescending. People don't want to be lectured through a newsletter and told about how they're out of compliance in some way. They want a newsletter that can help them achieve a higher level of success.

#1. Feature a tenant in every newsletter.

In order for people to get to know each other, they need to know some basic facts about their neighbors. By profiling a tenant in every apartment newsletter, you'll help the entire community get to know each other one person at a time.

#2. Offer simple maintenance tips.

A few proactive interventions can go a long way toward maintaining a safe apartment that won't cost someone all of their security deposit when they move out. Simple maintenance tips that help to prevent drains from being clogged, mold from forming, and other simple ways the apartment can be managed may provide a lot of extra value.

#3. Images are worth a 1000 words.

Your apartment newsletter is also a marketing tool for your complex. Attractive pictures of people having fun will help current tenants remember the good times and will cause future leads to want to see more of what you've got to offer.

#4. Include content provided by the tenants.

There are lots of writers, graphic designers, and comic illustrators living within any given multi-unit building. Recruit talent by offering them a medium where their work can be published so they can use it as a C/V builder. If the time commitment isn't much, you'll likely get a good response and lessen the load that's on your shoulders.

#5. Offer local resources.

Your apartment newsletter is also a great opportunity for local businesses to communicate directly with your tenants. Local resources can mean the inclusion of coupons, a guest column from a local business owner, or tips for aspiring home cooks to make their own favorite biscuits from the restaurant down the street at home.

#6. Include a calendar of events.

Apartment newsletters are a great tool that can help an entire community know about upcoming repairs that are happening, deadlines that might need to be met, and what the schedule of the office will be for the month. Include any fun community events that are planned as well so that people can have fun once the business is done.

#7. Go beyond the apartment complex.

The whole purpose of a newsletter is to start a discussion locally, so don't be afraid to share your opinion on local or national news that's going on. People want to know about the new health facility rules, of course, but they'll talk about local politics while they're enjoying the new health facility. When you can find the right balance, you'll have a great newsletter.
Posted on Jul 28, 2014


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