A Guide to Garden Flowers that Increase Curb Appeal

A Guide to Garden Flowers that Increase Curb Appeal

The Garden: A Living Coloring Book

Perennials can be mostly found in every color inside the crayon box.

Cardinal Flower
One of the perennial colors to find is the cardinal flower. Actually, these three-and-four-foot tall plants need some love and care. A lot of water must also be supplied on the plants. However, the scarlet blooms for the late summer are surely worth of your effort.

Dahlia or better known as bed head is such a salmon-colored and tangled-appealing bloom. This plant is taller that it even reaches five feet. It has its four-inch width that it requires the sun to fall perfectly on it. However, it still varies on the climate. The plant is really perfect for such various flower arrangements.

Zinnia is another perennial plant that has its medium height. It also grows in each color on the rainbow that includes a perfectly-shade of orange. This further looks elegant as compared with the dark green or medium foliage.

Daylily Primal Scream
More so, “daylily primal scream” blooms in the mid-summer. Apart from beauty, it has its various environmental benefits that further include the attraction of butterflies. Day lily also acts as main groundcover along with the strong roots.

Golden Chamomile
Golden chamomile has its yellow bloom that is made perfect because of its medicinal properties. This is a must-have in every garden. It also blossoms in the late or early summer even on poor soil.

Coneflower or better known as “green jewel” is also called for its name “Echinacea”. This further blooms in the green hue but is somehow different with the yellow ecinacea flower.

Irish Moss
Irish moss is also another famous groundcover that has its tinier white flowers. This is also popular for its brilliant and soft green foliage.

Siebold Hosta
Siebold Hosta, blue-green foliage perennial, comes with a heart shape. It can easily be taken care of that is perfect for its shady gardens.

Electric Blue Dayflower
Electric blue dayflower is such a native to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. This blue flower is such a true-bloom and is perfect for the garden.

Blue Globe Allium
Blue Globe Allium is also a perfect bloom which really stands out. It has its spherical petals that are packed for visual punch.

Crocus Hybrids
Nevertheless, Crocus Hybrids is a perennial plant that can be taken care of. This provides its sweet fragrance and purple bloom.

Bee Balm
Bee balm is particularly known for having a scarlet color. This is also a native plant that comes from New England and New York. In fact, it attracts a lot of pollinators such as hummingbirds and bees.

Spirea is also a plant that blooms in its pink color. It is also resistant to drought.

Snowdrop comes in its lovingly-white perennial color. The white plant blooms brilliantly that even hang downward that makes it more dramatic for its very small size.

Castor Bean Plant
Castor Bean Plant is also a spiny and showy seed plant that turns brown when it becomes dry. However, there is a need to be extra careful with the tropical plant because it is poisonous.

Black Hollyhock
Black Hollyhock is loved by most songbirds that are a variety of the Hollyhock. The strong stalks are a perfect bet for such as particular perennial border.
Posted on Jan 17, 2014


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