Home Security Musts for Landlords and Home Rentals

Home-Security-Musts-for-Landlords-and-Home-Rentals In 2010, 821,897 of residences were burglarized during the day, usually between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. 443,717 houses were burglarized at night.

That means that every 15 seconds someone’s house was broken into.

Burglars don’t like the cold.

The fewest crimes were committed in February, with July and August being the “busy” months.

The South wins the prize for having the most burglaries with 47%. 20.7% in the Mid-West, 21.4% in the West and 10.8% in New England.

It’s the guys, around the age of 25 and only a few miles from home, that do most of these crimes.

Most often they steal jewelry, electronics and money. Office equipment is also on the list.

At the bottom of the pick list is firearms, household goods and food.

Single family homes in the middle of the block are the most likely to “hit.”

34% of burglars walk right through the front door.

About 22% of them enter through the back door and they are usually in the house about 12 minutes.

Keeping You and Your Things Safe

Have good lock on doors and windows – That should be obvious, but so many people don’t pay attention.

Install a security system – Make sure that you maintain it well.

It’s useless if it’s not hooked to someone who can do something about it.

Motion sensitive lighting – It’s freaky enough even when you aren’t stealing things.

A sudden flood of light will scare a burglar off.

Trim the bush – And trees and shrubs around the house.

You don’t want to give bad guys a place to hide.

Have a safe – Bolt it down so the bad guys can’t just walk away with it.

Burglars are convinced that every house has lots of stuff to steal.

If you leave some valuables out and hide majority of them, the (not so bright) crooks will assume that they found what you have.

Put the other good stuff in a messy children’s room or in an envelope under the trash.

Posted on May 06, 2013


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