What the Home of Tomorrow Looks Like

Home Technology of Tomorrow

Home automation is technology of the future that is available today. You have the ability to remotely control your security system, locks, thermostat, garage door, lights and many other aspects of your home. This can bring you peace of mind and convenience, but some risk is involved. You can access your home by simply using the internet, which means that your home is potentially vulnerable to hackers. You have to be aware of the pros and cons of home automation in order to make the most informed decision for you and your loved ones.

Home Automated Security System

A security system is designed to give you assurance and peace of mind that your home is safe. A home automated security system allows you to remotely control your system using the internet. This allows you to lock doors and windows or monitor your home with the touch of a few buttons. This does leave you open to potential hackers looking to access your security system. If hacked, your home automated security system will make intrusion simpler for criminals. This can result in loss of property and security that you once believed in.

Smart TV Home Automation

Not only can different aspects of your home be remotely controlled through home automation, but your appliances and gadgets can also be controlled. A Smart TV offers voice recognition, cameras and built-in microphones. You have the ability to set your Smart TV from any location and make your viewing experience more convenient. However, an internet connected TV can result in recordings without your consent. Some criminals post these recordings on websites without your approval. This is a crime against your privacy and peace of mind. Be aware that Smart TVs are fun, but they are not always safe.

Car Automation

Technology is now found in abundance in your vehicle. This can be a great benefit, because you have the ability to automate your car and change the settings to meet your desired preferences. However, hackers have the ability to infiltrate your automated settings and locate your car or hack your computer system. Some cyber criminals have been known to mess with the break systems on automated cars. You don’t want to be exposed to this risk.

Smart Refrigerator

A smart refrigerator offers many benefits and you can even purchase groceries online using your device. However, if your smart refrigerator is hacked, you could obtain orders that do not have your consent.

Be aware that home automation is the wave of the future, but you have to plan against potential risks.
Posted on Mar 22, 2014


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