What Your Home's Door Color Says About You

What Your Home's Door Color Says About You

What Your Home’s Door Color Says

Who would have ever thought that the color front door you have can speak volumes to your neighbors about the type of person lives there? Here is a guide on what your front door color says about you.

If you have a red door, then people will think you are energized, warm, and passionate. People with this color tend to be more impulsive and live life to the fullest. Red is close to fire, so you may definitely be perceived as a social person and vibrant individual.

Green is normally associated with a more calm nature appeal. This door color may tell your neighbors that you are peace loving and positive thinking. Most verbant shades communicate this type of message to others.

Blue is a nice strong color and is normally associated with people that can be trustworthy and level headed. It is also linked to success and can also bring about a powerful aura to others. Creative individuals may also live behind this door.

Such a bright color such as yellow that is associated with the sun can only mean that equally bright people live at this type of home. Yellow doors resemble fun loving and uplifting people. This door is also more likely to bring overall sunshine to your neighborhood.

A brown or wood style door can considered reliable and strong. This color or texture type is also associated with individuals that are traditional and steady. They do not necessarily approve of regularly changed environments.

This is yet another vibrant color that is known to bring optimism and energy to others. The fact that an individual has orange on the door can also say that you make impromptu decisions and have a warm and social personality.

Purple is normally considered a regal color that is associated with artistic and creative individuals. You may find this individual is also sensitive to their feelings of others and love to be unique, while standing out from the crowd. This is certainly true, because when was the last time you saw a purple door on a house?

A pink door is not only uncommon but when you do find one it communicates the emotional and loving person that lives in the home. Pink can also bring charm to a home and help create a playful environment.

This calm color combines blue and green together and is certainly a good choice for the beach. It shows a compassionate and sensitive person that lives there with calming soothing aura.

A black door can project power, authority, and discipline to others. The people that live in this home are strong minded, independent, and hide their artistic nature.

A white door is not only a bright and calm choice but also shows a positive thinker. White represents well balanced personalities that operate logically and are well organized. White is chosen by those that crazy simplicity in life.

Grey is a neutral color choice and communicates solid dependence on the presence of others around. Grey also represents the cool, calm, and collected environment of the home surrounding it.
Posted on Dec 06, 2013


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