How to Best Approach Maintenance Issues in Your Rental

How to Best Approach Maintenance Issues in Your Rental


  • DIY vs Calling a Pro - Many landlords chose to get into the business because they can handle many maintenance problems themselves. There will be some issues, though, that will require a professional that has been trained in that field.
  • Find Your Approach - Maintenance problems will happen, so it's best to have a general idea what those major issues are most likely going to be and to have a game plan for if/when they happen.
  • Easy Solutions - There will be certain maintenance concerns that have very easy solutions that will not require a contractor to come out. If you can handle it easily on your own, why spend the money to call someone?
  • First Impressions and Exterior Maintenance - The first thing that a potential tenant will see when they drop by to look at the rental is the exterior. Make sure that what they see is neat, tidy, and well maintained or they may simply move onto the next rental and bypass yours entirely.
  • Leaks - A small leak can be irritating, but a big leak can cause major problems in your rental. Water damage can be costly in more than just what it takes to repair the damage. If your tenant cannot live in the rental during the time the repairs are taking place, you may be out rent payments as well.
  • Mold
    • Avoiding Lawsuits - Mold can cause a variety of health problems, and if your tenants believe that you have not lived up to your duties as a landlord, you could be on the wrong end of a lawsuit.
    • How to Get Rid of Mold - If mold does manage to get into your rental unit you will want to know how to get rid of it.
  • Squirrels in the Wall - Squirrels may be cute from a distance, but you don't want them taking up residence in your rental's attic or in the walls.
  • Trustworthy Contractors - Finding a good contractor can make or break a repair job. You'll want to find someone that is trustworthy and can get the job done.
  • Onsite/24-Hour Maintenance - If you have multiple units, you may consider hiring someone who can provide 24 hour maintenance and live onsite.
  • Avoiding Negligence Lawsuits - When you accept a tenant into your property you will (hopefully) sign a lease with them. This is a legally binding agreement between you both. If you fail to keep the residence in a habitable condition, your tenant may have a case for a negligence lawsuit.


Posted on Apr 15, 2016


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