How to Convince Renters That Your Home Is the Best

When the rental market is small, you'll have little trouble finding a suitable tenant for your home.

However, when the market is flooded, you'll need to do a little advertising to convince prospective tenants that your rental is the best option for them.

When you're developing an advertising strategy, make sure you include these key points.

1. Create a website with great images.
This is the digital age, and nearly everyone uses the internet to make big decisions.

If you don't have a website, you're missing out on one of the cheapest, easiest forms of advertising.

It doesn't cost much to set up a site, and you can hire a web designer to do all the work for you.

The most important thing to include on your site is a gallery of clear, professional-quality photos of your rental.

If you include your contact information with photos, you can even set up viewings of the rental with prospective tenants via email correspondence or a contact form on your site.

2. List the amenities and best-selling features of your home.
You should also note all the wonderful extras your home has to offer.

This list should include absolutely everything that may set your rental apart from others; don't skip anything just because it doesn't seem important to you.

People have unique tastes, so what seems unimportant to one person may be the perfect amenity for someone else.

You should include a list of rooms, as well as a floor plan.

You might also include the bathroom setup (shower, tub, combo shower and tub, etc.), as well as whether the kitchen has gas or electric appliances.

Renters love to know these little details.

3. Accept pets.
Many renters are looking for a home that accepts their furry critters with open arms.

If you don't mind pets (with a deposit, of course), then state that clearly in all your advertising.

Not only is this a great way to entice potential renters, but it's also a great way to make a little extra cash.

By accepting pets, you can usually charge a pet fee or increase the price of your rental with few to no issues.

4. Include a list of nearby attractions, restaurants, and entertainment.
Some renters may not be familiar with the area, especially if they're moving to your city from another state.

You can help ease any worries they have about your location by listing nearby attractions, restaurants, and entertainment options.

You might also include the closest schools for renters who have children.

5. Be open to requests.
If your applicant has special requests, be receptive as long as they're reasonable.

For example, many renters long to decorate the home according to their tastes.

You might agree to a new paint color as long as they stick to neutral colors or repaint with your preferred color before they move out.

If they want small changes, such as new carpeting in a bedroom, you should consider changing it out if it's dingy or outdated.

If one prospective tenant has this concern, it's likely that others will as well.

The cost of new carpet may be negligible compared to the carrying costs of another month without a renter.

There are many ways to entice renters, but the most important thing is to be personable and friendly. No one wants to rent from a grumpy landlord.

If you advertise your home accurately and stay open to specific requests, you'll likely have a renter in no time.

Posted on Jun 17, 2015


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