How to Find the Owner of a Phone Number

Are you getting phone calls or texts from someone that you do not know? Thanks to the archive of information that is on the internet today, many phone numbers can be tracked down to a specific owner. If the number is blocked and continually calls you, however, it may be possible to contact your telephone company to resolve the situation or contact local authorities to begin a criminal investigation into the problem. If you do have the phone number, then here are some of the ways that you can find the owner of a phone number.

1. Input the Phone Number into a Search Engine

Sometimes finding the owner of a phone number is a simple as putting the phone number into Google, Bing, or your preferred search engine. Eliminate the parenthesis and dashes from your search to make it more efficient. If you aren't finding quality results, try putting quotation marks around the number to find any sites that include it. Then just click on the best results and proceed from there.

2. Dial *69 if You Have a Landline

If you've received a phone call and you don't know who it is, then dial *69 if the call was received on a landline. If the number isn't blocked or listed as private, then you will be able to get into contact with the line that contacted you and find out the information you need to know about them. Blocked or private numbers do not respond to this request and there may be a cost associated with it.



3. Use an Online 411 Directory

There are a number of public databases that can be accessed online that will give you information about a phone number that you have. Look for the option to have a reverse phone number look-up. This will give you any listings that are associated with the phone number that you have. If there aren't any listings or if the number is a cell number, however, the results may be limited here.

4. Determine if the Phone Number is Actually a Payphone

Although payphones are nowhere near as popular as they used to be, they are still a method of contacting someone in a way that is difficult to trace in some communities. Using a site like the Payphone Project can help you determine the location of the phone number and if it is a payphone, but beware: many of these databases are independently operated and are not always accurate.

5. Use a Private Investigation Website

Many websites will have the information you want about the owner of a phone number, but it is locked behind a pay screen. These private investigation sites may be beneficial because they could have access to addresses and other contact information that you may need. Most of this information can be unlocked for less than $5 per number, but if you have a lot of phone numbers to look up, the costs can begin to add up rather quickly.


6. Utilize Call Tracing if You Just Want the Phone Calls to Stop

If the goal of finding the owner of a phone number is to get the person to stop calling you, then call tracing might be a better option. This can be accessed by *57 [or other commands depending on your provider] and will send the phone number to local law enforcement officials. You'll also need to use this repeatedly to establish a negative pattern of behavior. Try to note the details of the call so that the information can be related to authorities.

7. Hire a Professional

There are several legal databases that can be accessed by professionals that may not be accessed by the general public. You may wish to considering hiring someone to access this information for you so that you get the phone number owner's information. Costs for this service vary and may not be any better than the public information sites that offer pay services, so it should be considered your last option if none of the other ways to find the owner of a phone number are working for you. Sometimes it is necessary to find a phone number's owner for business reasons, such as collecting past due rent. Sometimes it is necessary to stop harassment from occurring. Whatever your need happens to be, even if it is just pure curiosity, then use these 7 methods to find the information that you want today.

Posted on Mar 03, 2015


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