How to Fix a Door Ding

Doors take a lot of abuse. Not only can they get damaged from being kicked, hit, punched, or shouldered because they get stuck, but the elements outside can cause dings as well. Hail damage can make a door look as pitted or dented as a couple good kicks to the door do. To improve the look of the door requires a renter or home owner to know how to fix a door ding. Wood doors typically hit this damage pretty well. If they do not, then filling in the ding with putty, allowing it to dry, and then resurfacing the door with a fresh layer of paint or stain will generally solve the problem. It is the metal door that becomes problematic because they don't hide their dings very well at all. Here's how you can fix that problem.

First You Need to Prepare the Door

Preparing a metal door means scrubbing the dirt off of it, rinsing it clean, and then allowing the area to dry. Once it has dried, then it can be lightly sanded with 80 grit sandpaper. Run the sandpaper over the entire ding, including up and around the edges. You don't want to scratch off the entire finish, but you do need to get it scratched up enough for your filling compound to adhere to the surface.

Get Your Patching Compound Ready

Any patching compound that is suitable for filling in the dent on an automobile is going to fill in a dent on a metal door at home. The easiest compounds to use are those that are pre-mixed and specifically designed for the type of metal your door happens to be. All you need to do in this instance is open up the patching compound container and have a putty knife ready. Larger dings will require a heavier compound. These are typically two-part patching compounds that will require at least some mixing. Both compounds, however, apply the same way. Press the patching compound into the dent with the putty knife. Plastic or metal putty knives both work well, but beware of metal putty knives that have rust as this may degrade the strength of the patch. Smooth out the patch once it is filled and then feather the edges out.

Allow It to Dry and Then Sand It Smooth

It can take a few hours for the patching compound you've just applied to dry. Some compounds required 24-48 hours. Allow for the maximum amount of time. Then use sandpaper to create a flat surface on the door by sanding the rough dried filler into a smooth patch. Start with sandpaper that is 120 grit at first and then switch to 150 grit sandpaper to finish off the patch. Using a block for the sandpaper is usually the most effective. Wipe the dust away and you're ready to paint your door. Use matching colors or give the door a brand new color if you wish. Keep in mind that deep dents might require a second coat before painting to create a smooth surface. By following these tips, you'll be able to have a door that looks beautiful and is ding free once again.

Posted on Dec 10, 2014


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