How to Fix Attic Fan

When an attic fan has been installed in a home, then there is a wonderful solution to control the internal temperature of that home during cool summer evenings or warm winter days. If the attic fan is working as it should, then it will provide an exchange of air for the whole home. If the fan has stopped working, you might still be able to repair the fan without having to call a professional repair service. Here's what you need to do.

1. Inspect the Attic Fan

How you proceed with the potential repair depends on what you see. The two most common problems that are found on malfunctioning attic fans are either a problem with the thermostat for a problem with the motor. Look to see if there are issues that are visible with either component.

2. Check the Electricity

Attic fans can draw a lot of power. In older homes, this can be enough sometimes to trip a fuse. Check your box, and if everything looks okay there, check your outlet. Otherwise you might just have to flip the switch that has been tripped. If your attic fan is able to plug into a standard outlet, then run an extension cord to a new outlet on a new circuit in your home. If the fan works, then you've got an issue with your electrical system.

3. Bypass the Thermostat

Many attic fans have a switch that allows you to turn on the fan without engaging the thermostat. If you turn the switch on and the fan engages, then you have a problem with your thermostat. If you don't have this switch, you will need to remove the thermostat and then turn the attic fan on to diagnose the issue. If the attic fan operates without its thermostat, then you discovered the issue. Remember to disconnect any electricity when you service the fan.

4. Go Get the Parts

Most hardware stores are going to carry the parts that you need to complete the repair on your attic fan. Depending on your diagnosis, there may be several different parts that you need in order to get your fan running properly once again. If not, you may need to order the parts directly from the manufacturer of the attic fan and have them shipped to your home. You might also need a voltage sensor or some specific screwdrivers to accurately complete the repair as well.

5. Replace the Malfunctioning Equipment

Most spare parts that are associated with attic fans come with a complete set of the instructions for replacing the part that is giving you a problem. Follow these instructions as indicated so that you can get your attic fan running once again. Having an attic fan is a cost-effective way to make sure that you can stay comfortable without ruining your monthly budget. Use the steps conduct a repair on your malfunctioning attic fan and you'll be able to save money because you'll have been able to leave the repair man at home.

Posted on Nov 24, 2014


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