How To Fix Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows create a beautiful look for your home, but they also can make for a difficult repair at times. If you know how to fix double hung windows, however, you'll be able to save quite a bit of money on the repair compared to hiring a contractor to get the job done. Fixing a double hung window is based on what is actually wrong with it. You basically have three repair options if it is the balancing mechanism that has broken in your double hung window. 1. The entire jamb liner unit can be replaced, which means replacing all of the balance cartridges, not just the broken one. 2. The balance cartridge that was broken can be individually replaced. 3. The balance cartridge that was broken can be repaired and then replaced. For the average person with decent DIY skills, option #2 is probably the best repair option. If you know your way around tools and have never worked with windows, then the more expensive option #1 will be the best solution.

Do You Have a Wood Window Frame?

If your window frame is made from wood, then you're going to need to remove the vinyl jamb liner unit from frame. Wood frames are typically found on older homes, which means that the window was probably retrofitted to become a double hung window. It is important to remember that each window will have a different installation method for the jamb liner, so no two repairs are going to be the same – even if you've chose to replace the entire unit. Before getting started with the full repair, it is important to release the pawl on the counterbalance that is still in good shape. This will create a safer overall repair. Be careful after you release the tension because it will move the tension upward. A loose grip on the screwdriver can fling it upward and that's how injuries occur. Once you have the liner out of the frame, all you need to do is slide out the bad cartridge. You may need to remove a foam cap or release an S clip to release the cartridge that needs to be replaced. Make sure that you remember how the jamb came out so that you can replace it in the same location.

Now You're Ready to Reassemble

Once you've removed the broken elements and replaced them with functioning ones [or are just throwing the entire jamb away to install a new one, then you're ready to reassemble your window. Make sure to secure the tracks in their proper position and make sure that everything is tipped and level. If you are just replacing parts, then you will need the glass size code for your window. This can be located on the balance cartridge. It can take an hour or two to fix double hung windows, but it is a time investment that will be well spent. The repair is fairly straightforward and is often less than $100 if you just replace the entire jamb. Get to work today using these tips and you'll have a successful repair experience.

Posted on Jan 13, 2015


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