How To Fix Mini Blinds

There are a number of ways that mini blinds can wind up being in need of a repair. It might be because of a tilting problem.

There could be lowering or lifting problems.

The valance might be in disrepair.

The blinds themselves might need to be re-strung.

Some repairs are easy.

If the valance is falling off, then new clips need to be installed.

Here are some common issues that occur to mini blinds and some easy ways to get them fixed.

1. The Blind Won't Unlock

One of the easiest ways to fix this issue is to take a flat screwdriver and press it against the lock mechanism.

This will help to free up any jams that are happening.

You may also need to replace the cord if it is frayed or replace the cord lock.

Replacing the cord is pretty simple.

Just remove the blind, open up the header, and take the old cord out.

Weave the new cord in through the ladders and you're done.

It takes about 45 minutes on the average shade.

2. The Cord Is Broken

If your cord has broken, then you can fix this with some hot glue and similar cord. Just glue the two cords together and allow for about a day so that the joint dries adequately. You will need to feed the new cord through the ladders to make sure that they can raise and lower the blinds adequately. Then you're ready to use the blinds once again.

3. The Adjustment Wand Has Broken

If the blinds are intact and the shaft for the wand is still sticking out for the blinds, then the only thing you'll need to do is replace the wand.

If this isn't the case, then you'll need to replace one of the tilt mechanisms within the blind to have a successful repair.

You'll need to identify your tilter [there are 5 different general types] and each material of blind tends to have its own unique types.

Get the spare parts needed to replace the tilter and then affix the new wand afterward to repair the blinds.

4. There Is A Clicking Sound When The Wand Turns

The clicking of a wand generally means that the tilter within the mini blinds has worn out.

Using Option #3 above, determine what tilter works for your blinds and then replace it.

5. The Blinds Don't Stay In Place Like They Should

This repair issue is especially problematic on doors that see a lot of traffic.

It means that the hold down brackets for the blinds have broken or malfunctioned in some way.

You will need to find the right size of brackets for your specific mini blinds and then replace them.

6. The Blinds Are Leaving Gray Marks On The Walls

Sometimes mini blinds are installed incorrectly, even when done professionally.

If there are marks on your walls, then the blinds might be too wide for the window.

It might also mean that they have been mounted to closely to the window within the frame.

Consider using spacer blocks or a complete new installation to see if the problem can be fixed.

Mini blinds add some privacy to a room, but they can also be difficult to maintain at times.

By being proactive and checking for damage periodically, your mini blind repair chores won't be as difficult as you might think.

Posted on Dec 29, 2014


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