How to Fix Rain Gutters

Are the rain gutters on your home starting to leak and sag off the side of the house or building?

This repair needs to happen right away because your siding and foundation could be at risk.

Thankfully most gutter repairs are pretty easy to do and only take about a day to make happen.

The #1 reason why rain gutters need to be fixed is because they haven't been properly maintained.

Cleaning out the gutters on a regular basis is necessary because dirt, debris from shingles, and even moss can begin building up and the extra weight will dislodge the gutter.

Schedule regular maintenance at least once per quarter.

Are Your Gutter Joints Leaking?

Joints are the weakest point of your gutter system.

This is the easiest repair of the bunch because all you need is a $5 tube of gutter sealant and a $2 caulk gun to fix the problem.

Apply the sealant across the leaking joint and allow it to dry.

If you have holes in your gutter, then patch kits can be found at most hardware stores.

Are Your Gutters Sagging?

Gutters should be relatively straight.

Even long gutters are straight, though sloped from the middle on down slightly so the water funnels away.

Get up to eye level with your gutter and give it a good look.

If there is a valley in your sight line, then you've got a sag going on.

Brace the sagging point up with a brace from the ground – a 2x4 usually does a good job.

Remove the hangers from the sagging point and then re-sight your gutter so that it is straight. Affix new hangers and then add a couple of support hangers on both sides of the repair point for added support.

Are You Getting Water Overflows?

This is a dangerous situation.

If you get heavy rains and the gutter system is overflowing, then you either have a clog somewhere in your system or you have gutters that are too small for your home.

Look through your downspouts especially for a clog because these are typically ignored during most maintenance chores that are completed.

If you can't find a clog, then it might be time to install large gutters and downspouts to accommodate the precipitation.

Small Holes Can Be Easily Fixed

If you've just got a couple of small holes that are causing a minor leak from your gutter system, it only takes a few minutes to fix the problem.

Take some roofing cement and use a putty knife to cover the hole so that it is completely covered.

You'll generally need warmer temperatures to get this repair completed, but if you have a heat source that can be applied to the putty on a cold day, you can still get it done.

What Do You Do When Everything Fails?

Your gutter system might not technically be at fault. If your home receives regular rainfall and it doesn't have a dry well, then the soil itself may be causing your problems.

Check with your local building codes and consider installing a well that's 2'x4'x3' at your downspout and make sure your underground drainage pipes slope away from the home.

Most rain gutter repairs are pretty easy to complete and the average person can do it with only a few dollars worth of materials and tools.

Use this guide to find your gutter problem today and get it fixed so you can maintain your home's value.

Posted on Dec 02, 2014


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