How to Handle Tenants from Hell

For a landlord, it is of immense importance to ensure that they only let a qualified tenant to move in. It is however every landlord’s nightmare when they get tenants from hell who make the tenancy period too much to bear. It could all start out smoothly, and you would have thought that these tenants would not bother you because their previous history had all checked out fine. Well, misconceptions occur every day and even though landlords believe that they have screened all the potential tenants to choose the best ones, the same tenants could cause a lot of trouble.

The biggest problem is when the tenants start to cause minor problems such as keeping the rental space unclean, not taking care of the noise pollution or causing disruption in the neighborhood. All of these are minor things when and if they are controlled with a phone call that the landlord can make. The landlord may witness the problem themselves or may hear about it from the neighborhood. The preliminary course of action would be to make a phone call or personally talk to the tenants about the issue at hand. When you go and make a phone call or personally talk to the tenant, keep in mind that this is their first warnings.

Landlords should understand that the tenants usually have the law on their side, and although the law also works to empower the landlord, the tenants have certain rights that no landlord can deny. Therefore, the standard procedure to deal with tenants from hell would be to maintain your patience level and work through the process. When the situation deteriorates, you can think of giving them a second warning. This may be in case they have not paid the rent or have violated a clause of the lease agreement. No doubt, this is more serious than noise disturbance and so requires a serious action. If the tenants have not paid the rent for the month then you can send them the form that requests them to pay the rent. If they have violated any terms of the lease agreement then you can send them a written warning as well as a copy of the lease agreement that has the violation highlighted.

When the issue seems to get out of hand, there is no other option left for the landlord other than asking the tenant to move out. This is when you cannot bear the thought of the tenant living in the rental space anymore. It may be because they have crossed all the boundaries that you could consider bearable. They may have ruined the property in some way; they may cause too much disruption and are behaviorally rude and disrespectful. They could be damaging the relationship between you and themselves in the sense that they also do not respect you and even after all the good you may have tried to do. When all this occurs, there is no other alternative and you have to evict them using the right procedure. You cannot just kick them out, and they may also end up exercising their rights as a tenant. The eviction process begins with a notice and then you will be going ahead with the official court proceedings.
Posted on Dec 17, 2012


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