How to Make a Happier Home Environment

How to Make a Happier Home Environment

Psychology to a Happy Home

Recent cultures around the globe have started to acknowledge the importance of an individual’s relationship to their home. How your living space is currently designed and comfortable can impact your level of happiness.

Characteristics of an Unhappy Home

Lighting plays an important role to our level of happiness in the home. Naturally, the sleep cycle is determined by cortisol and melatonin. The production of these hormones varies over a 24 hour period.

Your highest cortisol level is in the early morning 9am and your melatonin levels peak around midnight. The level of your light during the night can disrupt your natural cycle, disrupting your sleep and increasing stress. Chronic sleep deprivation and stress can cause health issues with depression, headaches, and weakened immune system.

Clutter and dirt can resemble a sign of depression and facilitate the illness as a source of stress. Depression leads to fatigue and a lack of motivation, resulting in additional neglecting of your home. This clutter can compound and become overwhelming causing further despair.

Proxemics is the study of space. If you are currently within a cramped space than your personal space becomes invaded with clutter resulting in raising stress levels, decreased productivity, and unhappier moods.

28 Ways to Creating a Happy Home

1. Maintain energy levels with natural light sources from large windows or skylights.

2. Install a dimmer switch to create different moods for your rooms rather it be relaxing or energizing.

3. Air rooms frequently to prevent from getting stuffy and unhealthy.

4. Take three minutes to bring an untidy room back to normal before departing it. This will boost your mood and counteract the stress of clutter.

5. Make your bedroom color blue as it is found to lower blood pressure and heart rate, making it calming.

6. Heavy curtains should be used in the bedroom to keep it dark early in the morning.

7. Make your bed! Research shows that the simple habit associated with higher productivity and happiness.

8. Beds should be placed diagonally opposite the floor and allow for clear view of room and door.

9. Keep clutter away from under the bed and bottom of wardrobe.

10. Lavender plants are colorful and fragrant for freshening up a musty room.

11. Electronics can disturb sleep so keep them 2 feet from the bed.

12. Purple is a bold yet elegant color historically associated with creativity and wealth. Ideal option for a home office.

13. Natural light is best for concentration.

14. Desks should not face walls as this could hamper concentration levels and creativity.

15. Angular shapes and harsh lines should be used in decoration for a home office as it reduces tiredness and increases productivity.

16. An aloe vera plant can be used in a bathroom as it requires little sunlight and is natural cure for skin irritations.

17. Add earthy colors in forms of towels to balance earth elements against the water element of a bathroom.

18. Close the toilet lid to shop energy escaping and look tidier.

19. Mirrors create energy so do not place in areas where you like to relax.

20. Palms such as Reed and Areca are good for living rooms because they grow well in low light conditions.

21. Green is a refreshing color for a living room, promoting rest and recuperation.

22. Soft textures have a calming influence and attractive to those who are nervous or aggressive.

23. Introverted types like to have an individual chair to sit in versus a sofa.

24. Halogen bulbs mimic daylight, great for use in low natural light.

25. Dining room can use the color red on the wall which raises blood pressure and the heart rate. This can stimulate conversation.

26. Round tables that is no wider than 60 inches have been found to be the most inviting socially.

27. Spider plants are great in removing poisonous gasses and other impurities produced in the kitchen.

28. Yellow can suit kitchens if you also eat breakfast there and create a sunny, happy way to start a day. Yellow is also good for digestion.
Posted on Jun 22, 2013


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