How To Reglaze a Bathtub

Over time, your bathtub can begin to look worn and old. The chips, cracks, and other wear and tear which occurs can become difficult to clean.

By knowing how to reglaze a bathtub, you'll be able to make it look brand new once again. Here's what you'll want to do.

1. You must thoroughly clean your bathtub.

It is best to use a two-step cleaning process to prepare your tub for reglazing.

Not only are you trying to remove the built up soap scum, dirt, and mineral deposits, but the natural oils from your body must also be removed.

Allow the tub to thoroughly dry before moving to the next step.


2. Repair any cracks, chips, and dings in the tub.

Most tubs are made from porcelain, so you'll simply need to have a porcelain repair kit or body filler for this process. Apply with care because these fillers are difficult to remove once dry.

After it dries, sand the filler down so your tub has a flush surface. Vacuum away any dust.

3. Apply an epoxy layer.

This will prime your tub for the reglazing process.

Because instructions may vary, follow the specifications given to you by the manufacturer. You will want to make especially sure that you cover your repaired areas so that the integrity of your tub remains intact.

4. Apply the glaze.

You will want to mask off any items in your bathroom that you don't want glaze overspray to reach. This includes cabinets, sinks, and other fixtures. Removing glaze particles is virtually impossible.

Apply the glaze to the tub while wearing breathing protection and other personal protective equipment.

Once a full coat has been applied, allow the glaze to dry overnight. Ventilate your bathroom.

5. Add a second coat if necessary.

Some glazes may require a second coat. Apply it 24 hours after the first coat. After your final coat, do not use the bathtub for at least 48 hours. You can remove the masking and return any items you may have removed from the bathroom after 24 hours of drying time.

You must always make sure that your equipment is thoroughly cleaned after the application as well.

By following these steps, you'll be able to save money and return your bathtub to its former beauty.

Posted on Apr 19, 2016


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