How To Repair a Door Jamb

The frame around your door can break or begin to separate from its placement for a number of different reasons. Instead of replacing the entire frame, consider fixing the problem instead. Here's how to repair a door jamb so it looks brand new.

1. Secure the Jamb

Most door jambs break because of a locked door that gets pried open. Sometimes a house can settle and cause the jamb to shift instead. Either way, the first step to repair the issue is to secure the jamb. Remove any hardware from the jamb. Drive nails through the broken components to reinforce the frame. Trim nails tend to work the best for this problem. Insert wedges where necessary to get a square and plumb result.

2. Use Glue to Strengthen Cracks

If there are still cracks in the frame, a thin layer of wood glue pressed into them can help to reinforce the strength of the jamb. You may need to use a putty knife to press the glue into the crack. Allow to dry.

3. Cover With Wood Putty

Wood putty will help to mask the damage that has occurred to the jamb. Pick a color as close as possible to the natural color of the wood. Follow the instructions of your preferred product. Allow the putty to completely dry and then sand it down to minimize having the jamb be too narrow for the door to close.

4. Paint the Jamb

If you have paint that matches the tone of your wood, then no one will be able to notice your repair. Check with your local craft store for enamels that could match your trim as well. Otherwise consider using a paint color that matches your wall, although this may make the rest of your door jambs look mismatched to it. Once the paint dries, you can then install any hardware that you had to take off to begin the repair. Having a broken jamb isn't the end of the world. When you know how to repair a door jamb, you can fix this issue for a fraction of the cost of removing the old jamb to replace it with a new one. Follow these steps and no one will ever know that the jamb was broken.

Posted on Sep 29, 2015