How To Repair Crumbling Concrete Steps

Everything degrades over time thanks to the laws of entropy. Your concrete steps are exposed to erosion every day and eventually will wear out. Instead of having a safety hazard in place, you can fix the problem in a few simple steps.

1. Clean Out the Crumbles.

You'll need to remove all of the debris from where the steps are crumbling. Sweep them away and then wash down the steps to remove any linger dust. As the concrete dries some, take the opportunity to check the steps for other structural deficiencies. You may find it is easier to remove the concrete steps completely to install new ones.

2. Create a Form.

If the concrete steps are stable, then you'll need to create a form for where the patch needs to be. Wood is generally used for this process, but some hardware stores sell ready-made stair patch kits that can be put into place.

3. Fill In the Cracks.

The usual reason for crumbling steps is that the concrete wasn't initially mixed properly and was set with air bubbles in it. If you find that there are cracks in the concrete that are leading the crumbling area, however, you will also need to be prepared to clean and fill these areas in as well. Special trowels and blades can help you feed concrete patch into them. You may also choose to use a sealing substance, similar to tar on the highway, to prevent the crack from causing further damage.

4. Mix and Fill.

Taking some instant concrete mix, follow the instructions to create pliable concrete. Then fill the form with this concrete until the structure of the step has been repaired. Level off the form and allow the concrete to dry. Then remove the form to examine the structure of the step.

5. Fix the Two-Tone Look.

Once the repair has been completed, your concrete steps are going to show evidence of the repair. You can fix this problem by painting the steps with a precipitation-resistant coating. Many products will replicate the look of stone so you don't have to settle for garage floor gray or other traditional color options. Most concrete steps that are crumbling can be saved. Use these steps to repair your steps and eliminate a potential safety hazard from your property.

Posted on Mar 02, 2015


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