How To Repair Sliding Glass Door Rollers

It's a beautiful day. You open up the sliding glass door to the back patio and there's a deafening metal screech.

The door locks up and now it won't move.


What has happened is that the glass door rollers have malfunctioned in some way. They may have even broken.

To get that door sliding again, you'll either need to repair or replace those rollers.

Your sliding glass door has two very heavy components to it.

You'll be removing the sliding portion of the door, so make sure that you've got enough space available and enough people around to bear the weight of the door.

You may also need to remove the stationary part of the door to reach the rollers that need to be repaired.

1. Adjust The Rollers.

The rollers on the bottom of your sliding glass door have an adjustment mechanism as part of their design.

This will allow you to raise the rollers up high enough to get them over the lip of the door frame.

Sometimes the door must go forward instead of backward to be removed, which is why being prepared to remove the stationary part of the door is necessary.

It is usually a Philips head screw that adjusts the rollers, but they may be covered with a rubber or silicone plug.

2. Remove The Stationary Door (Optional).

Your stationary door is going to be affixed to the sliding glass door frame with a metal bracket.

You'll need to remove the bracket first and then remove any screws you see that are holding the door in place.

Make sure to have extra hands available to keep the door upright so you don't strip out the frame or the door.

3. You'll Need To Remove The Bottom Frame.

Once you have popped the sliding glass door out of its track and have the rollers visible, you'll notice that the screws which hold them in are also going to be the screws that hold the bottom part of the frame in place.

You'll need to remove the screws first and then remove the rollers or the frame depending on the doors design.

Having a rubber mallet here will be your best option because you'll lower the risks of damaging the door.

4. Install Or Repair The Malfunctioning Rollers.

Look inside the roller assembly after you take them off the bottom part of the door frame.

If there is just some debris in there that is locking them up, then clean out the rollers and skip to the installation step.

If not and the rollers are difficult to spin with your fingers, then you'll need to purchase replacement parts.

The rollers should have a part number on them.

Look up the part and order online or go down to your local hardware store to see if anything is available.

Install the new rollers how the old rollers came out.

You will typically need to affix them to the frame and then add the screws again.

5. Adjust The Rollers Upwards.

It's virtually impossible to place the sliding glass door back in its place when the rollers in their extended position.

You'll want to adjust them so that they are in their uppermost position.

6. Slip The Sliding Glass Door Into Place.

Now you'll be placing the sliding glass door back onto its track.

Place the door into the frame and then adjust the rollers as needed to create a secure connection.

Test the rollers out to make sure that they roll smoothly.

If they do not, then you may have a track problem to repair.

7. Install The Remaining Components Once Again.

If you had to take out the stationary part of the door for the repair, then now is the time to put it back into place.

Go in reverse order in putting in the screws compared to taking them out.

Once you have tightened them all, make sure to hand-tighten them one more time to make sure the door is secure.

Next, add the positioning bracket and install the screen door once again if necessary.

8. Watch The Repair For The Next Few Weeks.

As the temperature cools and heats, the sliding glass door is going to expand and contract.

This can cause the rollers to change their adjustment point and loosen the rest of the frame.

Tighten up any hardware as necessary to make sure the door is proactively maintained.

Knowing how to repair sliding glass door rollers can save you a lot of time and money on a potentially costly contractor repair.

Follow these steps today if you have this problem so that you can enjoy your door once again.

Posted on Apr 22, 2015


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