How to Report Bad Tenants

Bad tenants are the worst-case scenario for any landlord; no one wants them, and if someone has them, they want them out in any way possible. There are times when landlords try as much as they can to either accept the bad tenants or complete the tenancy term to see those tenants move out. Sometimes, all landlords can do isthreaten the tenants, which usually brings a change in their behavior. When landlords have tried all possible options, then the time comes to report these bad tenants.

The thing that you will have to learn is that there is a set way of doing things, and if you want to report bad tenants, you will have to stick with a procedure defined legally. Firstly, you will have to make sure you let the tenant know that you will note down every instance of their bad behavior and you will be recording all that they do. It means your tenant must be clear about the fact that you are noticing their bad behavior and that there will be ramifications and consequences because of their behavior. Secondly, if the tenants need to pay any outstanding rent, make sure you report it. Tell them that if they will not pay up then you will go ahead and report this fact to the credit bureaus thus making their credit history and score worthless. This is damaging as no tenant wants to have a bad credit history; it could prevent them from getting a rental space for the next five years. If they do not pay up then carry on with the reporting procedure.

You can then contact a debt collection company. There is an organization called The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, which can direct you to a debt collection company that works in your area. Next, either you can hire the collection agency to collect the debt owed on your behalf or you can sell them the debt owed. If the tenants still do not pay up the debt owed, the collection agency can report them to the credit bureaus on your behalf.

The last thing that you can do is report these tenants to any website that lists all the bad tenants and so when theses tenants try to rent any other space, their history will show up and the new landlord will be notified of their past record. It is as if you are blacklisting them for the rest of the period that they try to make to someone else’s life miserable. Bad tenants do not have to be accepted. Neither should the landlords who have bad tenants have to live day in day out with the thought in mind that their tenants have the upper hand. The law works to empower both the landlord and tenant but when either one abuses the privileges given to them by the law, the law itself has ways to set things right. Make sure you get a crack on your deadbeat tenants and get them reported. You no longer have to fear that bad tenants will be occupying your rental space because now, you can report them, have action taken against them and have them booted out indefinitely.
POSTED February 06 2013 5:55 PM

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