How to Save Money by Buying Used Furniture

How to Save Money by Buying Used Furniture

Benefits of Used Furniture

Used furniture can offer a business many benefits. From being cost efficient or saving on landfill waste, here is a look at the many benefits of buying second hand.

Save Money

The office furniture industry is worth $11 billion in spending per year. Businesses can save money by purchasing used with minor wear and tear at large scale discounts. Attending someplace such as the Office Furniture Expo, 18,000 square feet of clearance furniture is available in a 100,000 square foot facility.

Environmentally Efficient

Buying twice loved also saves on the environment. Purchasing second hand will decrease the waste and environmental impacts of wood based products and combat the following statistics.

• The amount of wood and paper disposed daily is enough to heat 137,000 homes for 20 years straight.
• Office furniture accounts for over 17% of landfill waste in the U.S.
• 63 million metric tons is sent to landfills each year with 43% of the waste having the potential of being recyclable.
• 8.8 million tons of useable office equipment is sent to the landfills each year.
• Almost half of all manufactured materials in the U.S. are wood products with a 40% increased production rate in the last 50 years.
• 33% of the world’s wood is used by U.S. consumers.

Reducing the waste of office furniture will aid in preserving the 90% of the world’s plants and animals that live in forests and 39.5 million acres of trees cut down each year. 80% of old growth trees have been razed.

Lower Energy Use and Emissions

Purchasing the below products used will help to lower energy use and emissions by the following volume.

• 4 Drawer Lateral Metal Filing Cabinet – 900lbs of CO2 Emissions.
• Plastic and Fabric Chair – 400lbs of CO2 Emissions.
• Wooden Desk – 755lbs of CO2 Emissions.
Posted on Jul 12, 2013


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