How to Spot a Good Deal in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is an opportunity to increase your income long term.

How much you profit depends on decisions you make early in the process, beginning with choosing which investment property to buy.

If you can purchase quality real estate below the market price, this can increase your return on investment.

There are a variety of factors that go into this, but if you do your research right it can increase your bottom line.

Strategies for Creating Value

You know that 'location' is the key word in real estate, but many investors think they have to trade down in location to get a good deal.

Not so.

You may always seek out a less impressive property in your preferred location and consider renovations down the road.

You will have the benefits of an excellent neighborhood, and the property itself can always be upgraded.

Along the same lines, keep in mind that you can’t always judge a property by its appearance.

Pay attention to real estate with unattractive features that can be easily and inexpensively corrected or upgraded. Poor landscaping and ugly paint are turnoffs for many buyers, which may bring the price down.

That’s your opportunity to snatch up a solid property at a great price. With a small investment to make minor renovations, it won’t be long before you own a low-cost, high-quality property.

Careful research can net low-cost real estate that rapidly increases in value.

By learning more about developing neighborhoods, you can attempt to predict which will be fashionable in the future.

This can be  a risky endeavor, but when you win, you win big.

Purchasing property in up and coming neighborhoods at a low price now means you will have highly sought-after rentals that go for top dollar later.

Where to Find Bargain Property

Real estate in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure status is popular with investors, because these homes are often sold for significantly less than their market value.

However, there are a lot of details that must be carefully addressed in order to be successful.

First, competition for these homes is fierce, which could drive the final sale price above what can be considered a bargain. If this happens, walk away – unless you are certain you would want the building even if it isn’t discounted.

Second, properties in foreclosure often suffer from neglect – sometimes quite severe. Before committing to any purchase, make sure you know what you are getting into. Your experienced home inspector is an excellent resource in determining whether required repairs and renovations will offset any savings in up-front purchase price.

Many investors also explore other avenues for purchasing at a discount. Some go as far as searching through public records to spot properties that appear distressed, then reaching out to the owners directly – long before the property is listed, which means no competition. For some financially strapped homeowners, you might be the solution to significant financial problems.

Finally, don’t forget that you can create your own good deal when you bargain effectively.

One of the most common ways of encouraging sellers to accept your offer is paying cash.

Avoiding the time and complexity of financing a real estate transaction is attractive to motivated sellers, and they may be more willing to bring the price down.

Posted on Mar 22, 2016


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