How To Verify an EIN

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is mandatory for a business to have if that business hires employees.

The EIN can only be assigned by the IRS and is also necessary for tax-exempt organizations and entities.

Here's how to verify an EIN so that an organization can be properly checked.

1. Determine The Business Status.

Businesses that have only one employee, as in the owner or the owner and their spouse, may not have an EIN.

You'll need to verify the status of the business before searching because most sole proprietorships do not file for this ID number and so none will exist.

If there are employees, then it is necessary to determine if the business is a charity or a for-profit company so that the proper databases can be searched.

2. Search The IRS.

The website offers users the opportunity to search through charities.

Just go to the proper search page and fill out the search fields with as much information as you have.

You'll be given a list of results.

For charities especially, this method is not always 100% reliable because of the manner of how the EIN was assigned.

3. Make a Phone Call.

Every employer has a designated contact for their EIN.

From time to time, an ID number can get lost. By calling the IRS at 1 (800) 829-4933, the IRS will give out the EIN to only the designated contact over the phone.

People seeking to confirm an EIN through this manner will be referred to the IRS website or a third-party verification option.

4. Use a Paid Search Mechanism.

There are numerous search options that can be found online today.

Some of these may be available through your tax adviser as well.

Fee-based services will verify the EIN and provide employer-related details.

Some sites offer free or limited EIN searches if only the EIN needs to be verified.

Keep in mind that some of these organizations may require an account to be setup with personal information.

Never share personal information to a non-secure website.

Knowing how to verify an EIN can help to determine the authenticity of a business.

Use the options today and you'll be able to locate the information that is needed.

Posted on Apr 22, 2015


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