How to Write an Apartment or Home Rental Ad

A well-written real estate ad will get a property owner more calls, faster rentals and potentially higher rents.

Here are some of the elements of a perfect internet rental ad:

  • Descriptive words – Using descriptive words and putting them in the title of the ad can catch a potential renter’s eye. “Spacious garage,” “great views” and other words that can catch people’s eye. Do not exaggerate!

  • Photos – Lots of photos are a requirement on the internet. There should be a photo of every room. There should be photos of the front yard, the pool and significant storage areas. Make sure that the space looks lived in. Don’t use a flash. Use lots of different angles.

  • Learn a bit about Search Engine Optimization – Make sure that you are using the right words to attract the attention of Google, Yahoo! And Bing. Don’t bother giving big descriptions of scenery; that won’t help the search engines.

  • Analyze your responses – There are lots of tools on line that can help you see what people have chosen and clicked on.

A few more rules:

Every ad should be unique. Don’t simply copy every ad. Make each ad look different because each person looking at it is also unique.

Make sure that everything you say in the ad is true. Lying or exaggerating is not going to win any friends.

Keep all of your ads fresh. Take down ads for apartments that are no longer available. Make sure that all of your ads are current.

Make sure that all of your contact information is easy to find. It is best to have an email on the website that people can contact you at any time of the day or night.

Make sure you any every inquiry! Nothing will make you look more unprofessional faster than not responding to some who calls or emails. Respond to every single inquiry, quickly and politely.

A great ad can be very inexpensive and easy to do. And can make you a great deal of money very quickly.
Posted on May 02, 2013


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How to Write an Apartment or Home Rental Ad

A well-written real estate ad will get a property owner more calls, faster rentals and potentially higher rents. Here are some of the elements of a perfect internet rental ad: Descriptive words –... More

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