How TV Taught Me to Sell a Home

How TV Taught Me to Sell a Home

What TV Shows Teach You About Selling Your Home

You do not have to watch the DIY network to learn about your home or how to sell it. Instead, look to TV shows you are already familiar with that offer you a moment of entertainment and lessons about what not to do when selling your home.

Keep Your Home Presentable

Don’t be like the Addams Family. Have your home look tidy, loved, and bright. Before the first open house, clean the cobwebs from the corners and cut the creepers from the windows. Up to 2 million dust mites can be living in your mattress. There is an estimated 300 million asthma sufferers worldwide.

Maintain Security

Look to Seinfeld for lessons on security and privacy. Make sure your home has workable locks and is secure. You do not want a Kramer next door barging in, counted on Seinfeld as entering Jerry’s apartment over 380 times throughout the entire TV show. FBI stats also say there is a burglary every 15.4 seconds in the U.S.

Make Repairs

Arrested develop shows you the importance of ensuring repairs are done the right way. A coat of paint can go a long way in brightening up your home. Be sure to keep your repairs neat and fix leaky taps. According to Dulux paints, 42% of males and 30% of females prefer the color blue.

Consider the Location

Don’t make your home an example of Games of Thrones. Buyers are prepared to go to war over a home that is located close to schools, shopping, public transport, and other desirable amenities. If buyers are made aware that your home is prime location, buyers will complete until one stands with the keys in hand. The top seven socially progressive countries in the world are Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, United States, and Australia.

Market the Right Way

As seen in Mad Men, if Don Draper was advising you how to market your home for sale, he would say to have it professionally photographed. Have an expert written copy, erect a signboard, and advertise the home online and in the paper. In Australia, 86% if people use the internet as their main research tool when looking for a home to buy.

Think Price

Think about price just as if you were on The Price is Right. Ideally, you want multiple buyers competing as you shout, “Come on down.” In order to achieve such success, setting the right price for your home is important. If it is priced to high, there will be no interest. If it is priced to low it would be below value. Consult an agent for an understanding of your local market. The most expensive home in the world is Antilla Mumbai in India worth $1 billion. It stands 27 stories high, 400,000 square feet, 570 feet tall, a 600 person staff, nine elevators, and a movie theater with a seating capacity for 50 people.

Get an Agent

Have an agent like Ari Gold of Entourage. Choose someone you can trust, understand, and believe in. Look for guaranteed results, not excuses. The first time home buyer market consists of 35% married couples and almost a fifth of single males followed by 11% single males.
Posted on May 25, 2013


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