Importance of Water Leak Detection

Importance of Water Leak Detection

Benefits to Detecting Plumbing Leaks

There are many signs that let you know if there is a possibility you have a plumbing leak.

Preforming early intervention benefits you from having the following issues occur:

• Unexpected high water bills.

• Mildew or mold forming in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room.

• Bubbles in wallpaper and paint.

• Warped, sagging, or stained wood and ceilings.

• Cracked or sagging flooring.

• Musty earthy smell that won’t go away.

• Damp or muddy patches in the yard.

Common Area for Leaks

The most common areas for leaks are in the bathroom, kitchen, basement or crawl space, and beneath the foundation.

Having a water leak poses the following dangers:

• Mold irritating allergies.

• Mold inhalation that can lead to headaches, dizziness, and respiratory complications.

• Leaky sewer pipes can spread dangerous bacteria across your home and water supply.

• Mold can destroy drywall requiring renovations.

• Flooding can damage your home and the possessions inside.

• Mold can also make your home inhabitable for a period of time.

How to Detect Leaks

The following method can be employed to detect leaks throughout the environment.

Radar – Ground penetrating radar waves can be utilized to find the location of the leak.

Gas – Industrial hydrogen or another gas is pumped into the pipe.

A special device tracks this movement until the location of the leak is found.

Video – A camera can be inserted into the pipe so any leaks can be visually identified.

Geophone – This device captures and amplifies the sounds coming from the underground include noises from water leaks.

Posted on Aug 01, 2013


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