Most Important Areas of an Apartment Make Ready Checklist

An apartment must be prepared well before it can be ready for showcasing. Landlords and property management companies must conduct a thorough inspection and attend to the various problems and deterrents prospective tenants or property buyers look for. Here is a guide to the key areas of a rental checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked.

8 Primary Areas to a Rental Checklist

1. Floors
Right from the doorway or foyer, a property buyer or prospective tenant would look at the floors. The floors must be completely clean. They must be mopped, swept and spotless. There shouldn’t be any stains or any broken pieces of tiles or stones. If the floor has a carpet on it then the carpet should be cleaned before the apartment is shown to someone.

2. Walls
The walls must also be clean. The paint should be uniform. There should be no paint chips or any lines, cracks, dents or protrusions. There shouldn’t be any sign on the walls that may indicate structural damage or water damage.

3. Windows & Doors
Windows and doors must be cleaned and they should be optimally functional. They shouldn’t make noises when opened or closed. The glasses on the windows, if any, should be very clean and the locks on windows and doors must be perfect.

4. Electrical Fittings
All electrical fittings must be in perfect working order. Lights, fans, heating or cooling systems, ventilation and any fancy electrical furnishing that may be there should all have working switches and must respond quickly.

5. Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen appliances should be clean, working and must look appealing. Besides the appliances, the kitchen must be welcoming. There shouldn’t be any pungent smell or any odor that can be a turn off.

6. Plumbing Fixtures
All faucets, showers, flushes and sinks must be working well. They must be cleaned, disinfected and some fragrances must be used so they have a pleasant smell. Also, the plumbing fixtures shouldn’t have any leaks, cracks or lines that indicate some underlying problem.

7. Pest Infestation
Nothing is more undesirable than having an apartment infested with one or more kinds of pests to be showcased to a prospective tenant or a property buyer. Whether or not there has been any pest infestation, you must treat the apartment to be completely sure.

8. Structural Sturdiness
Finally, it would be better to inspect the property for structural stability and sturdiness. This applies to all pillars, walls, gates, ceilings, basements if applicable and any structures within the rooms such as shelves and the likes.
Posted on Mar 11, 2014


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